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    kill switch not working

    If you switch to the toggle switch, like the one that Staton uses, note that only one bolt hold's it to the handlebar, make sure you put the bolt in the correct holes, the brass ones. They cost about $6 at Tractor Supply.
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    kill switch not working

    That $4 item is an inferior design, but I beef them up and they work every time. What you'll need is a little bit of black electric tape and a drop of glue, I use hot plastic but I'd guess that Elmer's might work. Bend and remove the strap out of the two slots, set aside the spring and...
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    from North Central AL.

    Hi TP, That was one of my bike builds, for those retirees over in Garden City, we've got nearly 50 on the roads locally, and more, in nearly 20 counties now. I'm 8 miles east of Holly Pond, come out and take a free demo ride anytime you'd like. e-mail bama_bikeguy at yahoo and I'll shoot you...
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    Has anyone ridden coast to coast?

    South Carolina now has one of my favorite stretches, north from Seneca, to Pickens, to Daccusville then up toward Tigersville, and all along that Cherokee Foothills Parkway. Plenty of the spandex croud were on the portion about 20 miles north of Greensville. But the Daccusville part of the...
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    2 barely used Worksman PAV trikes for sale- Alabama

    Mrs. Joe Clark called me today, said "Big Joe" passed away Dec. 2. She wanted to know if I was interested in her TWO nearly new Worksman's PAV3's. Joe was 6'2, over 300 lbs, and his bike is an especially stretched unit. If you follow Joe's...
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    Wanting information on Dutch Velosolex Tour

    One day in October, I got a Google Alert about a group of Dutch Moped'ers cruising from Chicago to LA on US 66. (Knowing most MBer's are checking out both sites, part of this is a copy, but I'm still looking at the daily reports the team put up, and these repeated mentioning of troubles is...
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    Where do you carry your spare gasoline.

    On a broken-in GEBE, where you have to mix on the road, I did the math, and syringes are messy. The cap on the bottle holds between 4-5 cc (or mls), so a full 22 oz. tank takes 4 capfuls, a half tank takes 2 caps. What I do is fill the main tank at a station, add the capfulls, then have...
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    Where do you carry your spare gasoline.

    50:1 mix, a customer passed on a tip, a vegetable oil bottle in my saddlebags, and it worked for a long trip...then HE started carrying his in a plastic whiskey bottle. So then I put some in a mouthwash bottle, was in a store parking lot about an hour away when I pulled it out to fill up, and...
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    Hello from Louisiana

    Hey Joe Besse, You wouldn't be originally from San Jose CA would you? It's a name not seen often, and my cousin went to Pioneer HS with a Joe Besse who lives down your way.
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    Just Asking

    Has anybody bought/tested a 32 hole generator hub yet? I was just wondering if it would be worth a try... Shimano 32 hole Nexus Generator Hub DH-3N71 for Disk Brake -
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    Cruiser Bikes Is What I Likes (kinda GEBE specific)

    Dick's Sporting Goods on-line Just had a visit from Kevin, a forum member from Nashville...and he was telling me about some good buys at his local Dick's Sporting Goods. I looked for the Diamondback he identified, (no luck), but there are multi-speed models from Pulse, Victory and Schwinn...
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    Cruiser Bikes Is What I Likes (kinda GEBE specific)

    Wal Mart Prices went up too.... The Men's Point Beach was $154 last month, $174 today...... Bikes, Scooters & Skates - Sports & Fitness - Wal-mart The cheaper Next brand bikes have straight handlebars, and the 700c bikes may/may not correspond to the 26 inch bikes, (but I dunno).
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    Winter Build-off

    I have 2 in mind, 1 with a steel recumbent, the 25 cc Zenoah engine, and an aerodynamic windshield... Target? Verifiable 300 miles per gallon.
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    Cruiser Bikes Is What I Likes (kinda GEBE specific)

    Latest version of Rocinante.... I bought some 3 inch wide aluminum at Tractor Supply Co., and fashioned this new front strap set up, crossed it with two wings. This allows a most convenient setup for the saddlebags. I'm now so green, Rocinante has an ash-tray up on top of the...
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    Cruiser Bikes Is What I Likes (kinda GEBE specific)

    The low-end Schwinns At Target they call them Jaguars, the most recent brand at Wal-Mart is called Point Beach, WHICH IS CONFUSING TO CUSTOMERS. WHY? A "beach bike" is usually a single-speed w/coaster brake, because the terrain is flat. I don't do single speed/coasters, and you can't use 3...