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    What NOT To Motorize

    Kent Bayside, Huffy Cranbrook, BCA Margaritaville...
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    Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

    Well, I'm glad they're taking time out from upgrading ventilators for the pandemic to work on your genuine 80cc crap-mobile.
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    Help: Solder throttle and brake cable.

    Or, for a dollar, you could save yourself a ton of work and frustration. More sizes:
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    finally broke down and got a shimano rear coaster break wheel

    You probably loosened up the cones when you took the dust cap off. Check YouTube or Google how to adjust cones, or how to rebuild a coaster brake. If it's loose, it can damage the bearings, races, etc. Fix it right away. With the adapter, you can run it like it's meant to, but might have to...
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    Top Speed, 80cc Chinese motor? what is the record?

    You PM'd me about a post I made five years ago? Congratulations on owning an 80cc Chinese motor. I don't have one. In fact, I don't even have a Chinese motor at all anymore. The last one I owned is probably still out in the desert at the Grange/ Apple Valley Raceway where I threw it after it...
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    Motorized 20" BMX [ELITE CMNDR]

    Here's my 24" bmx with minarelli V1 moped motor.
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    Massachusetts finally issues moped plates instead of a sticker

    I'd rather have a sticker. Every custom bike I've built, i always forget to incorporate a place for the big bulky plate and end up ziptieing it in somewhere.
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    Question about lights in CA

    Legally, you need a headlight, taillight, and brakelight. If you're not riding at night, you probably don't have to worry about it. If you are, you definitely should have lights. Also, bicycles (non-motorized) are required to have a headlight and taillight if riding at night. Its mostly so...
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    Modification issues

    If it's only running at WOT, it's still probably an airleak. It's sucking air in and that makes it rev up. While it's running, spray some carb cleaner around every solder joint, where the carb connects, and at the intake gasket area. If it sputters and dies, it's leaking.
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    chain makes a grinding noise

    As long as the sprocket is aligned, a bent wheel won't matter. Chain should have a little bit of slack. Not enough to fall off, but it shouldn't be so tight that it binds, or has a lot of tension.
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    Clutch issue

    Check and see if the clutch plate is stuck to the pucks. Sometimes new engines kinda glue themselves together and you have to whack it with a rubber mallet or something.
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    Clutch issue

    Or you need to adjust the flower nut.
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    chain makes a grinding noise

    If it's not aligned, it'll make noise as it meshes with the teeth on the cogs. Or if it's really tight it'll click and crunch. Check the teeth of the sprockets to see if there's wear on the edges from the chain biting into it. Check engine cog for wear on the cog, and grind marks in the case...
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    Modification issues

    THIS is the perfect example of why you modify one thing at a time... I think, (and by "think," I'd put money on it,) you main problem is the intake. First, it looks like the carb is lower than the intake port. So despite the fuel mixture having to navigate all the twists, turns, and steps, it...