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    Denver Riders

    i know ill be back next season took some finacial blows plus college couldnt justify the gas getting up thier . shawn was taped this summer to but or bikes are in strong working order and we wanna ride with the group again .
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    what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

    fiddled with my recumbent and got the dual led headlights wired up and mounted , then took the 4 year old stepdaughter four a mini bike ride through the neighberhood
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    you can most definately get one for a motorized bike and with summer comeing the dangerous powerfull fast rideing lawnmower good old ole smokey i myself enjoy
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    Denver Area Ride XI - Saturday 4/20 - 11am

    i will let shawn know tommorow no worries from down here in the springs it makes sense why to reschedule looks like april wasnt time for the gang .
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    fuel additive

    seafoam just add it to your gas tank two stroke 4 stroke diesel seafoam will clean it all
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    Denver Area Ride XI - Saturday 4/20 - 11am so far so good looks like Saturday is going to be perfect riding weather
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    Easy way to change oil on 49cc four stroke, without getting oil everywhere... this is the little guy i use six bucks i just suck all the oil out of the filler hole its works just fine for me . what the other guys are suggesting works well two . its all prefernce . do or bikes weigh enough to...
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    modified exhaust

    any chance you can get a pic
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    Easy way to change oil on 49cc four stroke, without getting oil everywhere...

    im prone grease monkey myself i use a fluid hand pump it was maybe 5 bucks at harbor freight most auto stores have them . i do get a couple drops here and their but nothing unreasonable .
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    Lookin' at Google Maps...

    love google maps you can find all kind of random little trails . googles calculates the avg speed at around 12 mph
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    Fuel stabilizer

    Safely helps quiet noisy lifters, helps remove fuel deposits and oil residue, helps smooth rough idle. For Carburetors or Fuel Injected Gasoline Engines – Autos – Trucks – Tractors – Motorcycles – Marine – Small Engines – Industrial Engines Great for Diesel Engines Too...
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    Fuel stabilizer

    if my fuel is sitting around for longer than a month i will add it with winter rideing being so sparse for me i usually do add it to play it safe . with my little tanaka i always add it i ride the 4 strokes more so i dont worry about them sitting as much . ive seen gasoline after its sits for...
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    If money was no object

    a third golden eagle what they lack in power they make up in reliablity .