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  • i have tried emails ,i have tried phone calls .
    i don't know if you will answer this but i'll try.
    Paypal id # is 933264626X3862720
    i asked for a refund on the 4th of feb havn't heard anything since
    can i just get my refund
    will you guys have any other 99cc predator performance parts like cam milled heads etc. cause i saw what you do have available but would like more bang for your buck out of this little engine also how bout exhaust for it like header so i can start my exhaust on my chopper also i saw on your website you guys got a boike with a 2 speed setup how does that work is it a transmission or clutch or etc. and is it something that can go on anybike if so do you sell them
    I ordered some misc. parts from yall over the phone today. The lady on the phone was very helpful, patient as well as curtious. That is much more then I can say for the people at BMI(who'll never get another penny from me).So as long as your company carries what I need I'll order from you'll from now on. I machine a lot of my own parts minus sprockets and such. Once agian Thanks Rick
    Okay, it's yours. Just need your email address and I'll send you a Paypal invoice.
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