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  • How is it riding in NJ. Do you get stopped by Police? I'm from Brooklyn NY, I just finished building a gas chopper.
    Yeah,, I agree.I would say 95% of the fun is building it your way,,and learning from the build.I love tinkering so these kits are perfect!
    Yeah i have had this same kit before, and now i know a little more about motors there is stuff i am doing just to prevent dumb failures. Like you said $150 for a motor and everything you need except the bike, of course its going to need some love, but that's most of the fun! i could of easily bought a completed one for what i have into mine but its just not the same thing
    Sweet! I just got mine going last night, ordered mine from BGF on ebay, got it all together with an NGK plug and CNS carb, put gas in it and it started first try, Is this going to be your first bike?
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