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    Jake`s Handle bars

    Here are some bars for Board Trackers
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    Anyone near Williston North Dakota ? Need help

    Anyone near Williston North Dakota ? I have a customer who has a chain issue and needs help . Chain broke and possible damage to Tensioner and sprocket He sent bike to motorcycle shop and they screwed it up royally. Im in Texas and cannot help him much. He is OLD SCHOOL and not too mechanically...
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    Cruzzer - Whizzer "Manual Clutch" question

    Cruzzer - Whizzer Harley Project - Questions - Sharing I'm just getting started on a bike build. I got the Cruzzer / Whizzer kit today and Im not sure about the clutch. It is the "Manual Clutch" linked below...
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    Ratty Bobber Build

    Easy as pie... I cut the lower chain stays and sat on the bike to stretch out the lower stays. I welded in some forks I cut off a donor bike. i extended the lower stays by about 9" If I remember. I had to relocate the pedal crank to raise up the pedals so they would not hit the ground. prboably...
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    Wallyworld Fat Tire Mongoose

    Ok...a follow up w/ finished pics. I left the bike unpainted, removing all paint and showing the raw metal and my lovely brazing job on the tank. Covered it with clear coat. i aslo added a banana seat and front v brakes for the customer who bought it. . .
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    1903 Harley Tribute - Quick & Dirty

    Here ya go ! finished.. heck I now have it on ebay. My buddy who the bike was for said I could wait a few more months to EBAY LISTING
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    Wallyworld Fat Tire Mongoose

    Thank you sir ! I was once told when we have invisible wounds. The best way I can heal those wounds is to help others. Service to others and making an effort to help them can help us. It was during the most painful part of my life I was told that going thru it, I could learn from it and be...
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    Wallyworld Fat Tire Mongoose

    OK. I figured out what I'm going to do w/ the bike. I shall auction it off for charity. I'm going to have a party w/ all my beer drinkin buds. We shall shoot the breeze, drink beverages and have an auction. The proceeds will benefit Operation Military Embrace which helps disabled vets and their...
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    Any tips for a inframe gas tank

    Ive used Caswell w great results. sealed a Micargi Falcon upper tube, and 3 handmade tanks. Works 4 me ! Make sure no water in tank. A little rust is ok. Clean w/ acetone and dry out before sealing. Make sure Caswell and tank are same temp for 24 hrs before. Mix & let set at 70 degrees plus...
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    Wallyworld Fat Tire Mongoose

    Got the beast running. just using the peanut tank while the fabricated tank is drying. She runs about 25mph. Fast enough considering no front brake Still have some more work to do. Fit tank, front brake, rear fender, paint & graphics. Still thinkin' on seat setup. might stay w/ the prostate...
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    Wallyworld Fat Tire Mongoose

    Raven looks awesome. Making me thinking about rigging up some springer forks for these fat tires.... heck I just might. I have mine running now.. mebbe 25mph. Fast enough since I dont have a front brake yet
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    Wallyworld Fat Tire Mongoose

    Yup I had a fan on when I brazed the pipe nipple into the tank and when I brazed the exhaust up. I'm going to add a 1/8" 90 for the bung on the back of the tank. The sheet steel for the tank is not galvanized. Getting closer to cranking her up. Waiting for some tank sealer to come in. I prefer...
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    Wallyworld Fat Tire Mongoose

    More progress, getting closer. Used 3/4" round tube for top tubes. You can see on seat stay where I heated up the tube to flatten it some to avoid chain rub isue w/ frame Im going for industrial / minimal look. Using 1 1/4" pipe nipple for filler tube. Will use 1 1/4" cap to cap it up...
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    Wallyworld Fat Tire Mongoose

    Id love any leads / ideas on setting up some front caliper brakes on this thing. Im not afraid to figure it out, but heck if someone has done it successfully Id love to hear about it. Not looking to make a speed demon here, just a fun toy that will do mebbe 25 and stop reasonably safe.
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    Wallyworld Fat Tire Mongoose

    Here ya go ! One Wallyworld Fat Tire Mongoose w/ a 79cc Predator coming up. Im not too sure about the tires, they look cheap, too cheap to be safe. I will probably get some Origin8 Devist8er tires to replace them I ordered a 11 tooth 5/8" Max Torque Clutch & 4' #35 chain, 30 tooth #35...