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    The best way to 40+mph

    Look at a robin/subaru 1.6 hp 4 stroke. Staton has a great set up. You can buy their kit. I have 1 on my long wheel base recumbent. With the right gearing 35 wide open is possible. I would tone down your desire for 40 mph. 30 cruising on a bicycle is plenty fast.
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    Help me build the best motor bicycle

    Not sure how to send a picture but trying.
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    Help me build the best motor bicycle

    Yes I shift the gears. Here is Houston it is very flat. Not sure yet how the bike will work in a hilly area. I can only guess it would work great. I tend to putt down the road in one of the higher gears just running the engine slowly and peddling. There have been times I wanted to get...
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    Help me build the best motor bicycle

    Biker take a look at Lightfoot Cycles. Lightfoot Cycles - The Lightfoot Ranger It is a custom build recumbent shop. I had them build me a Ranger with a Robin/Subaru 1.6 HP engine. Runs through the back 8 speed cassette. Mine has a full fairing. Being from Ohio you could use that in the...
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    Texas law for engine assisted bicycle

    Norman I live in Spring. About 20 miles north of Houston. I just purchased my motor assist bike about 2 weeks ago. Since than several local cops have watched me ride past them. None yet have bothered me.
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    4 stroke bicylcle engine. way of the future?

    Re: way of the future What about Staton? Staton-Inc motorized bicycles, bike kits & gear drive kits. They have great quality and a good selection of engines. From what I have been able to find out their gear box is second to non.
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    too quiet

    Norman where do you live in Texas. I live in Spring. Just north of Houston. I would like to find someone on common interest to ride with. I am having a Lightfoot rucumbent with a subaru 1.6 hp motor built for me. I should be getting it soon. let me know if you are close enough. Later.
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    A New concept for Motorized Bicycles

    Re: A New concept for Bikes I too have been waiting for the Revo power wheel. Seems very simple and not too expensive. With just one speed it would not have much hill climbing ability. I still think it would be a great addition to a electric hub motor on the back wheel. Heavy bike however...