Big D's Git-A-Rounds

The Boardracer

Big D's Git-A-Rounds
Bicycles with a BAD ! Attitude !!
The Boardracer
Took 1957 26"in. Schwinn Beach Cruiser, Parted down striped, sand blasted, primered, painted (flat black of course) dropped on 30in. chopper & trip.tree forks, 1.25 bmx rims w/ 20in.X3in. tires front & rear, Og moonbars, sprocket, pedals, heaviest set of mountian bike hand brakes I could find heated & bent to fit on rear only !, (yea it took big brass ones to ride this one !, but thats what customer wanted.)tank embossed w/White leather flames,over black leather w/ dark red leather on the underbelly (yes I said, leather)stitched at seam with double herring bone stitch (baseball stitch)Turks head knotwork in red cording on filler neck 66cc Flying Horse one thumper,standerd kit NT carb., final price at sale $900.00
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