Building Leaf spring forks

I have had to build a leaf spring suspension forks for my Excelsior 1919 BTR...It is a trailing hub type suspension...it works with a rocker type fulcrum that it pivots from the fork...the axle trails behind the fork pivot point and a rod above the axle point is attached to the leaf spring....the curved part of the spring adsorbs the first shock and gives a gentle ride before the main leaves take the rest of the pressure from the suspension..these forks are fully hand made from tube pipe sections and profile cut steel of different thickness...use of a milling machine and a lathe was used to make certain parts required to assemble the forks...some parts are mig welded and the main frame of the forks will be braze welded..the handle bars are a part of the top assemble of the forks...the main head stem is off a Suzuki 500 its 1" and has tapered bearings...have built the forks and frame head to suit the length of the head stem.... I had the spring made by a spring maker...this is a special process ...heating and bending springs yourself is dangerous...as they crack when cooling and you cant see them...and can break at any instance....The main hoop is 1/2" steel and the pivot rockers are 1/2" steel...it is all set up in a simple jig to keep things in aligment....
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