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  1. Tyler6357
    @pjamin10 Oh yeah, it purrs like a kitten, can hardly tell it's a 2 stroke with that FMF powercore2 silencer. I really had planned to get the FMF powercore2 "shorty" which is shorter than the one...
  2. pjamin10
    Thank you, that helps me plan for summer future upgrades, and does it sound good??
  3. Tyler6357
    @pjamin10 Here are pictures Check the bulges under the wrap and you can kinda see how the fittings go together.----> Here you can see the piece of...
  4. Tyler6357
    I used one straight and one curved brass pipe fittings. The end of the expansion pipe was smaller than the end of the silencer so the straight fitting had to be a reducer with the small end going...
  5. pjamin10
    What did you use to attach the muffler to the exhaust? I've been trying to find out a way to do exactly that with the same expansion chamber.