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  1. Citi-sporter
    That's exactly right. And as a pro bike mech for 35 years I've come to the conclusion that with IC engines driving bikes, smaller is better
  2. Echobay
    Echobay Citi-sporter
    To eachach their own.
  3. Timothy connolly
    Timothy connolly Dan
    Hay can u help figure out why my bike starts but wont stay running or idle?
  4. The flash
    The flash
    I need help with my motorized bike
  5. Ridenbuild
    Adelaide bloke, 37. Riding, building Bikes since I can remember.
  6. Andy Pickett
    Andy Pickett
    Looking for info on rebuilding a drive wheel for a front engine bike bug
  7. Troy Boggs
    Troy Boggs
    Am also looking at information on building frames from scratch
  8. Michaelb
    Biulding a tank frame bike looking to communicate with some others
  9. Fletcher Crandall
    1. Porkyj17
      Where do post question at? Please help
      Jul 2, 2018
    2. Porkyj17
      When made first Run I didn't my brother had tightened the flower down far it can and clutch ceased up. Well I freed back but the clutch pin out about 1/4 inch far now. Need help to get back. I can't loosen the nut under flower at all
      Jul 2, 2018
  10. Samanthacounih1
    i have a 50cc motor for motorized bike, and yellow and red wire key switch, anyone know what wires to connect with ?
  11. BrokenVessel
    How do I post a thread?
  12. Mr.B.
  13. ngoc phung
    ngoc phung
    sản xuất giấy vệ sinh
  14. Otisrackmaster
    I really like these occ chopper bikes there easy and cheap to customize
  15. Justin2510
    Having problems with engine won’t idle and dies with clutch disengaged
  16. Sean Clarke
  17. elroy steele
  18. Jesse fernandez
    Jesse fernandez
    Has anyone ever fooled with those off brand shift kits?
  19. Jesse fernandez
    Jesse fernandez
    Aftermarket shift kits
  20. LightSeeker
    Why does the three bolts on my CNC hub keep coming loose. I almost bit it twice. I’m ready to tap out and get a mid drive unit!