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  1. Rob71
  2. techsmith
    techsmith Blake84
    hey Blake84, 6 years late but is that green one you build for sale by chance?
  3. amealnet
    amealnet Mine28
    In nc it’s “akunamatada”
  4. Jovindog01
    I'm jovindog01 from Lancaster ca
  5. Jbyrd666
    I have a motorized Schwinn Del Mar beach cruiser I purchased from Letgo. It ran ok when I first got it and all of a sudden it won't start ?
  6. Burgerlips
  7. Jim Volpe
    Jim Volpe
    Want to be a member. Can't figure out how to join
  8. James Watkins
    James Watkins indian22
    Hi I noticed on a post of yours from a while back you were running the f2 thrust exhaust. I was hoping to run a similar setup to yours with the silencer on the end. Whats the easiest and cheapest way to do this, and does it negatively effect performance. Please let me know. Ive seen you all over these forums and respect your opinion.
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    2. indian22
      Yes the muffler does restrict power a bit, but was worth it to tame the roar! I used a kit muffler, cutoff the pipe on the muffler and the "stinger" pipe on the x-pipe but left a 1.5" stub on each to connect them, insert one stub inside the other and then welded. You need a support bracket mounted to the frame or you will break the cylinder at the exhaust port. This setup has worked well for me.

      Rick C.
      Jan 28, 2020
  9. Bjchopperbike23r!
    Bjchopperbike23r! Venice Motor Bikes
    Hi i was wondering if u knew of a bullet train kit. Will it work on a schwinn stingray chopper
    1. Venice Motor Bikes
      Venice Motor Bikes
      your best bet is to ask the seller.
      Jan 26, 2020
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  10. Bjchopperbike23r!
    And what is better a bullet train or another motor
  11. Bjchopperbike23r!
    Im building a string ray chopper and want to know if a bullet train electric start kit will work on it with the v chopper motor mount
  12. Russell
    Russell TRAX
    Trax So good to see your still on this site!
  13. brndgrsns01
  14. tommyboy1442
    Been a while, I'm back around
  15. Jason Sandberg
    Jason Sandberg
    Help I have no spark at all everything is connected correctly. This is a brand new kit I followed everything to the letter. Help me
  16. Dlt
    Hi im new to the site. Would like to know where the closest place i could race. Live in Minnesota. Built a few bikes now enjoy it.
  17. skipu
    Peace and chaingrease
  18. Navadabadassratbikeusa
  19. indian22
    indian22 lewdog7431
    Thanks for the follow.

    Rick C.
  20. joycjns01