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Old 05-29-2009, 04:58 PM
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Default Live Axle Wheel

I am building a beach cruiser and I want to make the rear axle live, and have a 1" axle with a 1/4" keyway. I already have a 10" v-belt pulley with a 1" diameter bore, bearings and bearing mounts, 8" disc brake with 1" dia. bore. I was planning on using the spoked wheel already on the bike, and just remove the interal bearings and slide the 1" axle through the wheel and use 2 wheel hubs to "sandwich" the wheel on both sides to hold it in place. But after removing the interal bearings the wheel bore is tapered down to just under 1", making it impossible to fit the 1" axle through the hub. I tried to use a step-up drill bit to widen the hole, but its hardened steel and just isnt going to work. I was wonder if they sell wheels with a bigger bore or something designed for a 1" live axle? Thanks, any help would be much appreciated.

I found a website that had a wheel that is similiar to what I am looking for, but the wheel is a 3/4" bore, rather than a 1" which i need. The link to that site is:


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