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Old 03-06-2009, 01:55 PM
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Default Any Bike Frame Makers Here ?

I'm just curious.

Some time back someone posted links to a site that sold stampings etc for building your
own custom bike frames. The end pieces that rear axles fit into and the like.

I've seen many custom bikes made of several components of other cut up bikes and even
spring forks. It seems we're pushing the edges of technology here with manufactured
frames and and Chinese motors, but now the discussion has turned to producing our own
refined motor. Could it follow that those who can weld and bend tubing will want to follow
and build custom frames and forks. It may not take the investment that producing a motor
would require but tubing bending and notching tools are readily available for home workshop.
Welding would be a requirement whether gas or electric. But the bending and notching could
be done with hand operated floor mounted tools.

Some examples:

Bender: JD2

JD Squared

Tubing notcher:

- Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices

There may be used or less expensive variants of these available.

This could extend on to producing side cars, wagons, cargo bikes, and other things we discuss here when brain storming. Some would like to see bike motors which replicate old vintage motorcycles
with the large cases and if that were done there would have to be custom frames to accommodate
them. There is also the possibilities of frames that could accept 4 cycle utility motors like those
used on lawn & garden equipment with room for 2 speed jack shafts. It could be a way around
these more conventional HT motors and still have pedals so it will be a motorbicycle. For those
wanting that kind of build.

I mentioned the cargo bike concept with a HT motor to one fellow who is a lay minister recently.
They travel twice a year to Peru, South America and have little except push carts to move goods
they need to take from larger villages to small villages. He thought it would be great to purchase
one of these here in the states and ship down there on each visit to get some transportation
that could assist the missionaries in their work. Church congregations here are always looking
for something they can purchase ready to use for the missionaries they sponsor. So a bike that
could carry a cooler, or bulk load with a motor assist could be a handy conveyance for special
use items from medicines to things which may need to be refrigerated or otherwise.

It could be a low bucks entry business for those looking for work where they could have some
business privelages including insurance for themselves and family, deductions for travel,
education, and having a small office or home office. The frames could be sold knocked down
so the buyer could weld or have them welded to his or her specifications so they would ship
easily. They could be set up in the builders jig and be tack welded so the alignment is right
and only secure welding be performed.

I believe I saw a thread here where software for building a frame was available too.

If a person wanted to venture on beyond bicycles, the air boat guys have to build cages
around their motor and prop's and such equipment could provide a builder a market there.
I once saw a home built air boat where a guy used a VW engine with a prop kit and as a mount
he used a VW transaxle cut in half thru the side of the differential. Using the end the motor
bolted to he cut 1/4 inch plate in semi circles to bolt over the differential bores so he could
weld square tubing to them which extended down to the floor mounts of the boat in order to
position the motor where he wanted it. This piece of the trans axle carried the electric starter
motor and inside the clutch housing was a small Japanese alternator with internal voltage regulator
that was directly driven. He had hammered out a cover to shield the alternator and yet allow it to get air for cooling. Still he had to bend conduit and weld it to form a cover for all of it and to mount the rudder to.

I could see garden trellises, arbors, screens, shades, and pergolas being produced for those
who like to l landscape their patio, porch, or deck with climbing & flowering vines or grapes.

Just saying this by way of explaining
that there are other options aside from bicycle frames and with summer coming some opportunity
for those who want to fabricate and make some side money producing things which aren't
commonly available.

Any constructive thoughts ?
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