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Old 05-11-2016, 03:52 PM
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Default Edited: Enclosing an air cooled engine for pusher trailer (single track)


Enclosed Air Cooled Engine using 80 - 120CFM 12Vdc fans, and placing it on a trailer to push any bicycle. Swapable! Can be done!

Here is the picture of the trailer I will be making.

I've been thinking about making a pusher trailer out of a engine kit and enclosing the engine to totally reduce the sound, this will enable me to ride on bicycle pathways without getting "The Look" aka "Eyeballed"

I read Dax is good, Honda is best, Predator/Power Fist are Honda clones and not as good. But Honda engines are pricey, clones are not. is good is good is good too

I am thinking ~100cc, 125cc or 160cc engine. But I want a high quality, reliable kit. I am 350lbs, riding a 1994 Specialized Rockhopper, but I most likely will get into a 2010 full suspension brand name bike, Rocky Mountain or Specialized are my brands. Maybe Trek, whatever I can find.


What is the "ride-ability" downside to having a pusher trailer to motorize a bicycle? I cant do any jumps with a trailer like that I know. What about going over curbs at high speed curbs, 10-15mph. Can it climb a 30% slope on loose packed dirt/gravel.

I might look into setting it up on the rear rack. But the weight issue up that high and so far back is a big disadvantage. A better idea is to set it up on the side of rear wheel hub, make it look like a large pannier bag or something. An odd setup would be at the 3:30 o'clock position on the wheel.

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Old 05-11-2016, 07:18 PM
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Default Re: Enclosing Air Cooled Engine, 125cc and single track trailer

Those are a lot of different questions and you'd be better off using the search function. As far as enclosing an engine, you can do it but you need to make air ducts that sufficiently draw and accelerate the air to the head. Look up race car body scoops and vents, also airplane aerodynamics. All of that will apply.
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