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Old 03-19-2016, 10:41 AM
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Default Bicycle axle thread

Having trouble finding the right parts for my axle and found this chart...........Curt

2.2mm x 56 tpi Common 2mm spoke threading
3mm x 0.5mm Dropout adjustment screws, some derailleur hardware, accessory hardware
4mm x 0.7mm Some derailleur limit screws (DIN standard)
4mm x 0.75mm Common derailleur limit screw (JIS standard)
5mm x 0.8mm Many uses on bicycles, including derailleur wire pinch bolts/nuts, disc rotor mounting bolts, fender and racks mounts, water bottle cage bolts, and others
6mm x 1mm Many uses on bicycles, including brake caliper mounting bolts, brake pad bolts/nuts, some fender racks, some brake adjusting barrels
7mm x 1mm Some handlebar binder bolts
5/16 inch x 24 tpi Front hubs, solid axle, less expensive bikes
8mm x 1mm Square-type crank bolts, front solid axle hubs, suspension system hardware
8mm x 1.25mm Stem hardware, stud type crank nuts, suspension hardware
8mm x 0.75mm Chainring bolt
9mm x 1mm Front hubs, quick release, Asian manufacturer
9mm x 26 tpi Front hubs, Campagnolo®
3/8 inch x 24 tpi Some solid axle bike, including coaster brake
3/8 inch x 26 tpi Solid rear axle
10mm x 1mm Most quick release rear axles, derailleur mounting bolts, brake lever adjusting barrels
10mm x 26 tpi Rear axle, quick release, Campganolo®
12mm x 1mm Some spline crankset bolts
1/2 inch x 20 tpi Pedal threads, one-piece cranks
9/16 inch x 20 tpi Pedal threads- common three piece cranks
14mm x 1mm Oversized frestyle axles
15mm x 1mm tpi Crank bolt, Octalink® and ISIS Drive®
1-inch x 24 tpi Threaded headsets, one-inch standard
1-1/8 inch x 26 tpi Thread headset, 1-1/8 inch standard
1-1/4 inch x 26 tpi Thread headset, 1-1/4 inch standard
1.37 inch x 24 tpi Bottom brackets, ISO/English/BSC, and threaded freewheel hubs
1-3/8 inch x 26 tpi Bottom brackets, older “Raleigh” three speeds
36mm x 24 tpi “Italian” threaded bottom brackets

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More read here

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