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Old 11-01-2015, 09:02 PM
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Default MogollonMonster's 1000 Mile Review!

SD Stinger - 1993 Schwinn Hurricane.
As some of you may know, I put it together a few months ago, and it's been my only mode of transportation since. I did a lot of research before I jumped in with both feet, although it was more directed on which kind of motor would work for me. I know now that I should have bought a Dax, but my Stinger is holding up quite well in all respects.

I had a bit of a time tuning it in, as chainsaws did not prove a good frame of reference. I've had some trouble with exhaust gaskets as well, and may end up making a copper one by hand, once I get home to my files. Otherwise, Tanglebones is running great!

For everyone's frame of reference, I live 15 miles from the nearest town (Snowflake, AZ) and about 50 from where I work (Heber,AZ). Because I only work a few days a week, I stay with some family of mine in Heber, and I typically pull my little trailer, loaded with either, my gear or needed supplies for my tiny Hardscrabble Ranch.

Downsizing from a full sized truck has been interesting, to say the least. This time last year, I was driving a 1986 Ford F250 with an International Harvester 6.9 liter Indirect injection (IDI) Diesel engine. The truck was my baby, given to me by a friend who has almost nothing, at a time when I had nothing. I worked on that truck til it ran better than it ever had, then I commenced to working it to death. Old Diesel gave up the ghost last January. He was a good old pickemup truck, may he rest in scrap.

I spent the next six months hitchhiking (pronounced: walking) pulling a hand truck, loaded with either my gear or needed supplies for...well I think you get the point.

I bought a mountain bike and a trailer. After 400 miles in two weeks, and a week's recovery, I looked into a motor kit. I had never ridden a bike long distance at all, and quickly realized the significance of living in rural northeastern Arizona. I realized while walking, that I really did live in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, rural communities like the Podunk town here I grew up in, stick together, and I got plenty of rides between my house and town. The long stretch between Snowflake and Heber/Overgaard, proved a long, lonely walk sometimes. The mountain bike made it all one long lonely ride, climbing over 1000' in elevation in 50 miles. Steep country, although I had never thought of it as such. I was taught otherwise.
If anyone had told me last year that I'd end up on a motorbike, I'd have laughed them into the next county. Now, I feel like an idiot, for all the money I've spent on vehicles over the years. I've made it through the busiest part of my year on Tanglebones and I simply cannot believe it.

As I cruise down the shoulder of the highway, the neighbors that used to stop, honk and cheer. It has been an amazing experience, one I would never have had otherwise. I've also discovered the spirit of comradarie (hope I spelled that right) between riders. I had thought fellow motorcyclists where freindly, but apparently, motorbikers don't have a problem giving way spare parts. Despite all my belief to the contrary, my motorbike has proven itself as a viable means of transportation.

Thank you everyone for all your help, and for reading all that.

-Kaveman Chris Allen, the Mogollon Monster.
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Old 11-02-2015, 02:05 PM
Bikeguy Joe Bikeguy Joe is offline
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Default Re: MogollonMonster's 1000 Mile Review!

That is awesome!
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Old 11-02-2015, 06:26 PM
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Default Re: MogollonMonster's 1000 Mile Review!

Thanks Joe! I just looked up the time-stamp on on my un boxing pics. Tanglebones has only been running since my mother's birthday, August 31. I couldn't quite remember because, if I'm not mistaken I drank a bottle and a half of rum, toasting her memory.

Olivejuice Mama!

Anywho...1000 miles in three months...
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Old 11-02-2015, 07:49 PM
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Default Re: MogollonMonster's 1000 Mile Review!

Congratulations, M-Monster.
Very interesting and inspiring story. Thank you for sharing with us.
Motorized bicycles seem to fill all kinds of needs for the folks who build and ride them. Yours is certainly one that should warm hearts.

Thanks again for the story and for being a member here. And congratulations on that first 1K miles. Ride safe, please.

Age and Treachery Will Always Triumph
Over Youth and Skill & "Charlie Don't Ride"
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Old 11-03-2015, 09:12 PM
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Default Re: MogollonMonster's 1000 Mile Review!

good read man. it's always nice to have your own wheels, its a kind of freedom. it sounds like the perfect solution for you, especially with the hills. and your weather suits the transport I would think.

on to 2 k
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Old 11-06-2015, 08:37 PM
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Default Re: MogollonMonster's 1000 Mile Review!

We're happy for you, man. I'd like to live life like that.

I'm imagining your night sky. Face to face with the very universe. It would be great.

I spent my teen years and early twenties in a rural part of Michigan. Even after I got old enough to own a car I still just loved to walk those dirt roads. (also enjoyed bucking show drifts in my pickup or one friend's Pinto. But that's another story.) When there was no Moon I couldn't see the road. I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. I felt my way down the road. Sometimes in near blizzard conditions.The locals probably thought I was peculiar. But maybe they understood. Even if they didn't do it themselves.

I could go back and I'd be quite happy about it.

But I've lived a more urban life in the last thirty years. But during that whole time I stuck with a bicycle. And about eight years ago now I discovered those gorgeous little happy time two stroke engines. Just in time, too. I'm aging and riding a pedal bike takes more of 'what I got to give' than it used to.

My wife has a car and I've got a chevy pickup. But I don't hardly drive them at all. I stick to my bike. Bad weather is not a problem, it's icing on the cake. But I don't have the solitude that I had back then. Or that you have now. But stopping and buying a Coke or a pack of cigarettes is, I suppose, much more convenient for me. So I guess there's pros and cons either way.

But these locals definitely think I'm peculiar. But I get the last laugh. I'm far ahead of most of them in general health. And I'm probably ahead of most of them in general happiness.

Life is real, real good riding a bike like these.

When you get a chance, how about some pics of the scenery on your 'commute'?
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Old 11-08-2015, 09:50 PM
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Default Re: MogollonMonster's 1000 Mile Review!

I'm right there with you on the skies. The mesa to the west of me produces beautiful (early) sunsets, it also blocks all the light interference from town. On a clear night, without the moon, the Milky Way can almost be touched. It can feel as though you are on the threshold of the Gods.

I've been lucky enough to avoid living in urban areas in my first quarter century. A few months here or there, but I always come home to my Mogollon Rim. There's a lot out in the world, for a young man my age, but I've decided against the rat race. People die without living. I chose to starve to death on my mountain, before I "live" like that.

That was the easiest choice I've ever made. This weekend, and until the tags are filled, or the season runs out, my boss and I are guiding a pair of guys on a cow elk hunt, on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. 1900 applicants, 50 tags, and the only way a white boy can explore the Rez legal like.

Ever seen the movie "Fire in the Sky"? Travis Walton was abducted by aliens. This weekend was the anniversary, and the annual "Skyfire Summit". This year, Travis led the folks out to the place where it happened, the Turkey Springs Cut, just off the F.S.Rd. 300. They got two school busses stuck. Priceless. I'll try to post the pics I got. Didn't think of taking them till we were pulling out.

I'll post up pics of my ride home, when I finally get to take it. I stay in Heber-Overgaard while I work, so until I'm done with the hunt, take care of the water co. I'll get to go home to my bed, and critters.

I must warn everyone, the high desert I cross is not my idea of pretty, but it's empty.

Tried posting pics on the thread, but my phone sucks, you can find all my photos in my profile albums.

Last edited by mogollonmonster; 11-08-2015 at 11:10 PM.
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Old 11-09-2015, 07:29 AM
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Smile Re: MogollonMonster's 1000 Mile Review!

Nice post . Here's to the next 1000
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Old 11-09-2015, 11:04 AM
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Default Re: MogollonMonster's 1000 Mile Review!

Hi fellow 'Zonie Chris.

I have lived down in the valley for ~50 years and taken many trips up the hill to your area, though not since the big fire.

As I'm sure you know you got cold weather headed your way.
Drop me an e-mail with your mailing address and send ya an NGK BPR5HIX cold weather Iridium spark plug.

Consider it a gift like a blanket from the salvation army for your 2-stroke engine so it will run better in the cold ;-}
KC's Krusiers Builds
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