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Old 10-23-2015, 08:11 PM
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Default "Flea Hopper"- now "Flea Hobbler", as is myself ;-/.

Crashed Hopper last sunday evening. WoT aka 23 mph (post "speed kit chain/sprocket" install 2 months ago), know to look into turn, but panicked anyway and looked at wheel during steep lean/sharp turn - looking at wheel righted myself - so as to align up with direct impact with curb.

6" wheels/11" tires (goped wheels) hitting curb is not pretty. frame may be damaged - some stuff looks bent...................have not checked closely due to damage to myself, more immediate concern. Clavical broken, a lot of pain the first 2 days - now better - healthcare of course sucks (just like 2 yrs ago with my cat-bike rabies shots fiasco) forget decent health cover/ doctor treatment today. yrs ago - sure - today - nope. playing secretary and phone tag took me 2-days to see primary doc (who would not refer me to specialist via phone - so had to drive one armed (standard 5 speed) 40 miles round trip to get him to look at x-rays for 2 minutes - then ok referral - gee thanks).

same game for specialist. took insurance 2 days to ok referall - post doc referral - then had to make apt with specialist post insurance ok - thurs.

so via insuranace redtape it will be 10 days before specialist will see my emergency x-rays.

America's healthcare system equal to any 3-world nation. Be proud American! your healthcare in on par with Myanmar/Mexico.

only 30 yrs prior this was not so.


anyway - I'm outta the slow moving motorized vehicle business for awhile.

see you guys next year probably.
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Old 10-24-2015, 09:53 PM
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Default Re: "Flea Hopper"- now "Flea Hobbler", as is myself ;-/.

Ouch!!! I know that's gotta hurt.... and don't even get me started on the health care... I'm paying $1200 per month for and they barely cover what I need it for... I remember 30 years ago it was all free for me being an army brat, but even after I had my own health insurance after i turned 21 it was about $30 per month for myself and everything was just a $10 copay and $5 for prescriptions...

Man I hope you get better soon
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