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Old 08-02-2015, 01:42 PM
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Default Need some advice

I am 320 lbs, riding a cargo bike which is a little heavier then the average bike.
What is a suitable setup for a rear wheel, gasoline powered bicycle setup.

I can't use the space above the bottom bracket, but I can use the rear rack which is sturdy, I want it discreet as well.

Would the little trimmer engines be sufficient, I think they are like 30cc, and maybe have it chain driven to the rear wheel, with a geared up in between, a cheaper one then the NuVinci, I think the Tricycle ones are cheap, $20.

Would the 30cc trimmer engine combined with the geared hub be a good setup, or would just the 30cc engine do the trick.

I am an electric guy, so I got a 3000w-6000w setup, but only 8Ah, so I need somehting I can ride on the street to get me home. Electric is just pathways.

Hence discreet gasser engine.
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Old 08-02-2015, 08:33 PM
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Default Re: Need some advice

Use the search function. You will also need hd wheels, so I'd recommend steel husky rims, 10 or 11g spokes and a heavy duty rear hub. Also a good quality front brake such as a disc or drum.
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Old 08-03-2015, 07:36 AM
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Default Re: Need some advice

How steep are the hills where you live? At your weight on flat ground with a 30 cc engine it's going to need 25:1 reduction to propel the bike. You'll even have to pedal assist it. If you have steep hills then a shift kit is going to be needed. I'd say you'd need at least a 60:1 reduction in the low gear. The electric hub will really help if you add it.

I'm 250 lbs use a 33 cc engine with a shift kit. The reduction range is 49.21-18.82:1. I have to pedal assist on hills steeper than a 20% grade.
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Old 08-04-2015, 08:08 AM
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Default Re: Need some advice

Since I lost my license years ago, I've become attuned to my local laws... In Boulder County, Colorado we have a distinction between 'gas-bikes' and 'pedal-assisted bicycle' Since I was already building to skirt the law, it just had to be a pull-start without a 'manual' type clutch - 'centrifugal' was legal! Have you checked with your province's local legislation? You might find it here CANADIAN PEDAL-ASSISTED LAWS
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Old 08-22-2015, 02:14 PM
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Default Re: Need some advice

Welcome to the club Going2Hell, Im on my 5th but I am fighting it all the way! Lost my job due to it, cant blame anyone buy myself though. I know what the laws are here, the authorities are pretty slack here for "bicycle looking" units.

Like I said I have a big huge hub motor in the rear, its a MXUS 3000W Version 2, that spits out 3000 watts nominal and 6000 watts max(peak) with a 18FET controller, my batteries are a123 m1b's that can sustain 70A cont, and 150A max(peak). Currently I have a downhill rim, from called a crystalite downhill rim, but I will be going to a 19" moto rim that puts it to about 24" diamater wheel with the tire. This helps in efficiency and torque. My bike was actually originally a brushed 36V lead acid, geared 350W motor bought from Canadian Tire, and the batteries went dead and they dumped it off at a community bike store, where I bought it for $200 b/c it was steel frame. My batteries fit in the custom downtube, so that area is filled. I burnt that motor out within a few days, the brushes fried on it and I just chucked it in the garbage bin. I already had my mxus motor.

I want to use this gas motor setup to pick bottles, I can do circles around the bums and the everyday pickers (pensioners, immigrants etc) and make $100+/day in 6 hours if I do it right and plan it out with blue bin pickups.

So if I go 50cc motor on the rear rack, beef up the rear rack, buy the shift kit, and gear it properly I should be alright?

I need low end power, stop and go stop and go all the time.

I was thinking also, I could do a pusher trailer, as I need a trailer to put my bottles in, and I can pick glass bottles too, where the others just skip over them when picking b/c they are too heavy.

As far as hills go, there is one hill that is 10-13% goes for about 75-90 meters that is my test hill. That is an extreme case, at most I would be doing 3-5% on long steady hills of 1km or 0.6miles to get from one area to the next and working my way in a grid pattern to maximiize my profits. But mostly all I do, is go like 5-10km/h and go from house to house, zig zagging across the alley, opening bin, look in, if its empty move on, if not I pick through it.

I will look into the shift kits, maybe a jackshaft if I need it, and sprockets to get my gearing perfect.
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