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Old 02-17-2015, 11:37 PM
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Default Re: Update on my first build.

Originally Posted by MadMaxed View Post
man that is really helpful thank you.... my problem is the lack of tools. Screw driver with interchaning heads socket wrench kit. a dead drill with no way to charge it, and an eyeglass repair kit. Just kidding bout the last one. But for sure i need more tools
I was gonna help but it looks like these guys took care of you already... but what I was gonna say was about your lack of tooling... do you have a Harbor Freight in your area? If so you can get some nice toolsnon the cheap, and the harbor freight tool quality has gone way up in the last 5 years or so... almost as good as the Huskey or Kobalt tools that home depot and lowes sell... but just a bit shy of craftsman quality... either way, their hand tools like wrenches, sockets,ratchets etc are actually really nice, stuff like screwdrivers are still Kinda cheap, but effective. They do have a dremel copycat that isn't too bad and will get the job done for ya... and they offer tons of different dremel tips on the cheap. The dremel is one of the most handy tools you can have for motorized bicycles.
But having a good set of allen wrenches, wrenches, sockets in both 1/4" and 3/8" drive and a few sets of pliers and screwdrivers will go a long way working on these.
Even if you can only buy a wrench set or socket set each week or so, the tools accumulate quickly and you'll be set up in no time. You can start buying the more specialized tools like drill press or bench grinders or air tools later on after you get most the basics.

Even if you don't have a harbor freight in your area you can get a lot of stuff off their website and they do have nice sales all the time.

Another good source for inexpensive tools is Northern tools, either locally or online, and they also sell engines and go kart & minibike parts.
Just check their websites for pricing and pay them a visit if you got one of their stores close by.
Pawn shops also have a lot of tools and you can usually haggle them down if you see something you want... just be sure you know the going prices before buying in pawn shops because sometimes they sell stuff for more than new. Best time to hit up pawn shops is early in the day since they tend to limit how many good deals they can make each day based on how sales go each day.
ebay has nice deals too but also check prices and shipping rates, there are more than a few that sell the items cheap but with way expensive shipping, and try to buy from sellers that are close to you for quickest delivery times.
But mainly just start slowly buying a few tools at a time, you'll have a really nice setup before you know it. Trying to buy a lot at one time works too but just get what you can and let your collection build up is the easiest on the wallet.
people in here including myself can give advice on what to get or what not to get as well as whether a deal is good or not as well.....
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