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Old 11-13-2014, 10:28 AM
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Default Re: Looking for a second hand motorized bicycle

Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
Mopeds / motorized bikes have needed a CA drivers license for 33 years.
That was way back in 1981

$130 to $180 motor kit plus a $150 bicycle = $280 to $330

ebikes don't require a drivers license in California. Just over 16.
Yes, riding the bus gotta suck.......

Page 3 of the Motorcycle Handbook spells out M1 and M2 quite clearly.

Good info here:
Thanks for the info. 1981 isn't that "way back" for me. I am 59 years old, and I remember the time when mopeds first appeared. They were not called scooters, as scooters were a different vehicle and required a license to operate. Motorized bikes at that time were not considered vehicles, and did not require a license to operate, and when mopeds first appeared they also did not require a license as they were not considered to be vehicles either. Apparently, somewhere along the way that changed. I guess the states decided they were losing too much in revenue by people opting for something that did not have to be licensed or registered. Sad.

I understand if you are buying a new bike and a new engine to mount on it that it will cost about $300-$500. I know that pre-built motorized bikes have been built since the 60s. IMO there should be a market of second-hand pre-built motorized bikes out there somewhere. And being used, they should be less expensive to obtain than a new one, or one you have to build yourself. That is what I am trying to find. I would love to get an ebike as that would allow me to remain legal, but there are no second-hand ebikes available yet. They are still too new and it will be some time before used ones start showing up.

Thank you for your help, as your knowledge has been valuable to me. I may resort to building one if I can't find another way, but for now I just need something to get around on that does not require me to exert myself too much. I have COPD and breathing is difficult enough already.
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