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Old 10-26-2014, 11:15 PM
streetnoyz streetnoyz is offline
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Default Hola! nubie! ASE gear head

new to this forum... good stuff here. so im building a panama with a flying horse silver... for 7-11 runs. seems as ill need my welder, and a trip to the bike shop for some brakes and profile hubs. any other suggestions other than liquid nails on the fenders and some grinding here and there?
thanks. and ive already broke in my huffy, i hut a pothole while riding at night (non motor) and went over bars, fractured my occular, and have rash , almost lost my eye... luckly, i regained feeling in my left side of my face
its all good now... chicks dig scars... and when they ask, im like it was a gnarly biking accident, im hardcore... lol
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Old 10-27-2014, 09:53 AM
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Dan Dan is offline
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Default Re: Hola! nubie! ASE gear head

Howdy and welcome, Street.

LOL @ "chicks dig scares" & "gnarly biking accident" Just glad your on the mend. Scary stuff! Imagine that at 30 MPH and under power. I had a foam filled helmet save my knoggen when a front fender let go. Front wheel stooped and me & the rest of the bike didn't. Over the bars and face planted. (but I stuck the landing)

My 1'st thought was "great, Carol will be spoon feeding me and changing my diapers from now on" Sucked, LOL. A neighbor scooped me & the bike up. 2 doors down from my house. I repaid him by bleeding all over his cab and spilling gas all over the bed of his truck.

All that to suggest that liquid nails is not the best option for shoring up fender mounts. The vibes shake em off. Just not made for the riggers of motorizing and running.

Lots and lots of different approaches to beefing em up, here on the funny pages. The mounts, I mean.

Here is a link;

Again, welcome and really glad you're OK!
worst apocalypse ever
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Old 10-27-2014, 01:06 PM
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Smile Re: Hola! nubie! ASE gear head

Hello and Welcome street to the forum from the West side of The Old Pueblo.

Riding in Tucson motorized or non-motorized is dangerous with our horrible streets. Glad you have healed.
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