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Old 10-24-2014, 06:07 PM
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Default Many questions

Will forks like this be able to withstand 50+mph?


My current setup on a 29 inch mountain bike does about 45-50 on flat land. I'm moving the motor to a skyhawk frame which will of course require me to go down a tire size. I really like the look of the spring fork. Its not too chopper, but its also a straight tube. if not, i can always find a pair of downhill mountain bike forks.

Also a miscellaneous question. Every so often my bike will decide that its go time and i actually hit about 65. The acceleration was insane as if i had just taken off a restrictor plate mid-ride. the powerband felt close to what it was on my KX80. what do you guys think happened and what can i do to get this happen every time i ride the entire time i ride?

One more question, Are those Flat RSE high compression heads meant for very short races, or can i put one on a bike that i ride 45+ miles in one go?

why is this motor so cheap? Is this something meant for very short rides? If not, i'd love to get it.
I realized i had another question. Where can i get better 26 inch rims? I've seen some dirbike-esque rims on some bikes and i'm just curious where i can get a set.
Sorry for all the questions,

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