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Old 01-20-2009, 06:16 PM
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Default Re: G'day...

Yes I am from Down Under, I live on the Great Lake in Tasmania (pop 2, 4 including the dogs)...

So I had the Schwinn rock up yesterday to turn into that monster in the pic and Toll Ipec (the courier) damaged the bike pretty bad, as I live remote I am sure I am going to struggle to get parts for it so I have taken pics for them and hopefully they will pay for the damage... The guy I bought it from is mates with the manager there so it is looking good!

And to top it off I recieved the new grubee skyhawk motor and it has electrolysis on the clinder nuts, paint bubbles and paint missing. I pouinted this out to MBB IMPORTS (BE WARY OF THESE GUYS ON feeBay, even though they have 1% feedback I am sure most were like me and left feedback as soon as it arrived(without inspecting it too much) and this is the response I recieved from them...

"well am sorri but i dont have a perfect motor that painted with a 2 pac colour,regards".

- mrbikerboy

I should of known from the bad spelling and grammar that this guy was a dipsh*t and not bothered with another CRAP CHINESE MADE motor...

Anyway, regardless of the hiccups I am still as keen as I was prior, am glad I have had this drama in the beginning so I won't get caught out again...

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