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Old 05-21-2014, 05:19 PM
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Default Riquimbi Dervish Model III up & running!

Howdy comrades! Got my new motor yesterday & attached it to the Fat City Cycles 1987 Fat Chance I was given when the Model II was stolen last month. I was a little worried as these bikes are considered collector's items, but they way they're built; including the full chromoly frame & expert super strong welds lend this vehicle to motorization & it's working beautifully. My motor came from Bicycle Motor Works ebay store. Matt is a reputable dealer & this is the 2nd engine I've bought from him & I'm very pleased. He upgrades fuel line, chain (415!) and some of the hardware & carb, less than $200 door to door. Here she is in her current operational status:2014-05-21 14.33.17.jpg

My plans are to upgrade the fork to shocks & disc brakes up front, downgrade her from an 18 speed to 1 speed & add headlamp, signal lights, brake light & horn. I've built a battery by taking the lithium cells (10.2v x 6) from a dead laptop and stringing them linearly to increase amperage as I intend this to be a 12v system. Ebay seller Wonderful Creations 12v Generator & charger and voltage regulator from Cruzzer/Whizzer to power my electrics. I desperately need a new, softer seat, the one it came with is very much like sitting on a rock! My ass is more sore than after paying income taxes! ThatsDax RT carb, probably a Jaguar ignition or maybe one of the ones someone is selling on ebay in the prescription bottles I've been hearing good things about. Anyone messed with those ignitions? These are the ones I mean:
I'm curious if they work as well as advertised.
Happy Spring everyone! I'm very pleased I've been able to recover within a few weeks from my recent robbery. -Joe
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Old 05-21-2014, 10:39 PM
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Default Re: Riquimbi Dervish Model III up & running!

Looks good.
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