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Old 09-20-2013, 11:20 PM
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Default Full Suspension Build

Hello Everyone, new to this forum. Looking for the same type of frame set (full suspension) as the Motoped. Have tried to get ahold of Cam at Motoped with no success. I know his Kickstarter program didn't reach it's goal. Pirate Cycles I've even tried with no success of anybody answering phone. It doesn't have to be exact but most of my riding is going to be traveling by road to areas off road to ride. Tried the electric bike thing which are fine for road but trails are another story. Stealth's are way out of price range.

Respect any suggestions you all might have. Definitely 4stroke the quieter the better in areas I plan on riding without drawing much attention. Would do my own build if it's the way to go.

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Old 09-22-2013, 09:09 AM
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Default Re: Full Suspension Build

Hey buddy. Welcome to the forum.

I built a pretty decent bike off a full front suspension bike. This is what I did.

Get a good large framed bike, with a full front suspension. I recommend something with disk brakes (mine has a front and rear disk brake setup). This bike had 3 front gears and 7 rear gears. I carefully chose a bike with a thumb-click gear change, versus a twist changer. I did that because I wanted to make sure I can change it easily on the fly. And in my personal opinion, it's easier for me.

I got a china girl engine, so it's a simple 66cc two stroke. Added a jackshaft kit (so the engine drives a shaft that is connected to the pedals. I can then change gears using the rear 7 speed setup vs just the single fixed gear.

After that you can upgrade whatever you want. I added a centrifugal clutch and a pull start.

Having this setup allows me to ride anywhere I want. I can ride in the mud, up and down hills, make jumps, and basically do anything I want. The disk brakes really help and make me feel confident. Plus changing gears make it effortless to climb.

Make sure you get a decently large frame. I did a lot of research before I bought my bike of choice. I did 3 months research, then purchased the bike and kit.

Here is a link to my build. my build thread

Hope this helps, buddy. Either way, enjoy it. By the way, this is my second build. I recommend you buy a cheaper bike first to play with, then move up to a better bike to build.
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