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Old 08-30-2013, 11:07 PM
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Default Greetings from fresno california

Just a quick hello from the San Joaquin Valley. I am new to this motorized bike world. I built my first bike last month and it sucks. I cant think about anything but my next build.... which I need some of your help with later. My first build is a Diamond Back Della Cruz 1 with a springer front fork. I put a 80cc china motor on it. I port matched the intake and exhaust and put a tuned pipe on it. got the motor from a guy off craigslist for 95$ with an old Schwinn varsity 10 speed and gave the bike to a homeless guy. That was cool, you would have thought I had given him a Ferrari from the look on his face. I see him from time to time and he has it all decked out and has a trailer on it now to collect cans. The guy I got the motor from never got it put together so it was basically new. I had some issues with the chain because the frame is a little longer but have those worked out now. I also just today went and got a new back rim. The stock 16 or 14 gauge spokes didn't hold up long it has a fun little wobble between 25 and 30 mph and is great when cornering I heard a couple "pings-pops" the other day and that was enough motivation to drop the $ for a 12 gauge spoke replacement. Anyways, my second build is in progress as of yesterday. I got what I believe is a Felt frame with the gas tank built into the frame primed but needs a little work. with 1 and an 1/8th inch head tube. It came with a 24 inch rear aluminum rim with a S.A 3 speed coaster brake hub its the SRC3 with a 3inch Thick brick tire and a 26 inch front rim with a Joy industrial co. LTD drum brake and a Quick Brick 2.125 tire all stored correctly no cracking on the rubber. 2 extra rear tires, fenders, chain guard, rear rack, and two parts of a springer front fork I just need the spring and fork bar I guess it would be called that goes through the head tub, it also came with chains one for the bike and another I think 415 or 420, and a muffler. How is that for a run on sentence? I traded it all for a pressure washer that I got for free from a friend. I think I came away with the better deal.
I have some questions? Is it a felt and if so what model and how old? I attached pictures. Also if someone has built one or has a link to a finished one so I can see what it looks like built. I know its kind of a clean slate and I could go a lot of different directions with the build but I just would like something for a reference. Also I am wanting to go with a Jack Shaft and a 80cc motor with a Fred's head with pressure release valve, a dellno carb. or whatever its called... I am also going to have the bottom end balanced within acceptable tolerances to reduce vibration. My question is, will that hub hold up against that kind of motor? I like the idea of 3 speeds without a derailleur. Astatically that would be very clean. But I have some concerns with life expectancy and such with the hub. So much for the quick intro part, lol. Maybe I should have posted in the other forums? Mr. moderator if I have over stepped please delete what's necessary and I will go to the right forum. And yes I am a newbie. I am just obsessive and a fast learner. Thanks for listening and from all I have read on here you all are a bunch of ladies and gentlemen. Good day to u all. had to delete some pictures t repost in another thread

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Old 08-31-2013, 12:15 AM
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Default Re: Greetings from fresno california

welcome to the forum .
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Old 08-31-2013, 12:17 AM
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Default Re: Greetings from fresno california

Howdy & welcome!!

I do feel a little 'winded' after reading your saga.........

That is a very sweet look'n frame with the built-in tank! Best of luck in your next build.

a former resident of Fresno.
You're never lost until you run outa gas.
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Old 08-31-2013, 08:07 AM
thunderchicken thunderchicken is offline
Motorized Bicycle Newbie
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Default Re: Greetings from fresno california

Thank u former fresnan.... yes well it says "tell us about your build" lol
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