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Old 06-01-2013, 06:54 PM
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Default Air leaks thats making the engine is racing at idling?

Let me jus state the fact that you should def get rid of that cheap chinese spark plug boot and the wire that comes with it. Go to the auto store and buy one thats meant to go on a car. Best $15 dollars ive spent which gave me two wires and plugs. No more popping off! Anyways back to my problem, I just got my gasket for the carburetor and intake and i decided to put it on to help wit the air leak I had because after the motor is on for 20-30 mins despite the idle set at the right place i want it, the motor would start racing like i was giving it full throttle. (only when clutch is pulled in) When im riding its fine, but i instaled the gasket and took it out and its still doing the same problem. Now im thinking its the gasket between the cylinder and exhaust because there is a lot of oil seeping out and it actually shot at my leg today when giving it throttle lol What u guys recommend to seal the gasket on that side? go to the auto store to find some liquid gaskets that can stand hot temps? also when i put the gasket betweek the intake manifold and carburetor, do you put it in the carburetor where its like a seat for the gasket ring and then slide it on the intake manifold OR do you put the gasket on the tip of the intake manifold and try and slide the carburetor on so the gasket is between intake and carb?
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