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Old 05-10-2013, 12:54 PM
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Default Re: Stolen Bike - Starting over

The Police knocked on my door at 1:45AM this morning and told me they found my bike and would bring it to me in about 10 minutes. The officer told me they arrested a man in connection.

It was raped and they took a hammer to the clutch handle and the expensive throttle. You know they threw the expensive cateye spedo in the dirt just a block from my house? I mean how stupid can you get?

Naturally the $200 head light is gone. The Airzone air horn gone. the spare parts, tools and emergency kit gone.

The worth of the bike wasn't a headlight or a tool kit it was the whole unit as a machine. You can't buy a well made motorized bicycle for the kind of money I actually spent learning what was good from what was bad in parts and configurations. Also they cazn't begin to understand the hours spent not only by myself working on it but the friend's help and the machine shop time spent.
I have a mini-handle bar where I had accessories mounted such as the CatEye Spedo and I had to have the mount for it custom made and that alone was $80.

I started this thinking that bike was gone forever but it is back and I will rebuild and switch to heavy chain in the yard.

The Police arrested a Man too. Looks like he will spend some time in jail.

Here I sit at a Coffee shop having a breakfast sandwich and coffee and that guy is remembering the oatmeal and orange he got this morning sitting in his cell.

It's funny that at this moment PeeWee Herman's

Hilarious scene of Pee Wee Herman walking into a biker bar....and the mayhem begins!

So, I have it back. It has been raped and damaged but the basics are there.
It looks like $500 to $600 will be needed to get it back to the machine it had become.

Thank you all for your time to read and the support you gave.

Take a moment to share the thought that a motorized bicycle thief has been caught and a motorized bicycle returned. I share this with you all.


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Old 05-10-2013, 01:08 PM
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Default Re: Stolen Bike - Starting over

Raped but still alive. Good to hear. Sometimes I think it's harder to get your stuff back and see the condition it's in, rather than just letting it go.

Quite frankly, I don't know what I would do if my truck was stolen, prolly find the guy and kill him. lol

Do you have enough property to park an enclosed trailer? That's what we've got as a second storage building and it works well.
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Old 05-10-2013, 01:14 PM
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Default Re: Stolen Bike - Starting over

I carry a keyed U-lock and a cable on my bike. I always lock it no matter where I go. At home I keep it in my house. Overall I'm happy to hear this piece of trash was brought to justice.
Land Rider Jerry
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Old 05-10-2013, 06:08 PM
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Default Re: Stolen Bike - Starting over

It doesn't sound to me like he took the bike to make a profit from it. It sounds like the theft itself was the primary goal, and vandalism was the secondary goal, and both these things were decided before the bike was taken. Only the thief knows for sure, but he tossed an expensive speedo in the dirt a block from the house. I wouldn't even toss a cheap speedo in the dirt if it worked properly. Then he took a hammer to the clutch and the throttle. Yes, he took some accessories and the tool kit. I bet if the police search his property or residence, they will find them. It sounds to me like he took the bike out of an impulse to steal, but also wanted to do some damage to it. He vandalized the bike, then decided to take the accessories and the tool kit. He got caught because the thrill was over, and he was too stupid and careless to avoid getting caught. Maybe he even wanted to get caught. Who really knows? I'm glad that you got your bike back, and I hope that when you rebuild it, you enjoy it even more than you did before.
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Old 05-11-2013, 12:18 PM
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Default Re: Stolen Bike - Starting over

Glad to hear you got it back, despite what was done to it. At least they have someone for it, so many times no one is ever caught even if the bike is recovered.


Any day that starts with a good ride is already a better day, and a bad day riding still beats a good day working.

My Builds: My Beast, Harley59's bike, my Cruiser
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Old 05-11-2013, 11:48 PM
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Default Re: Stolen Bike - Starting over

Originally Posted by Ernst View Post
It happens to us and it really sucks that someone steals the bike.

I had 6,000 miles on my bike which I think I have pictures here of.

Thanks to my brother Tom I will have the money to construct a new bike.

I have some overhead to take out of the monies but I am looking at at least $1500 to work with.
It should get me started. I am sure after all the accessories I had I was closer to $3k invested than $2k but that is how it goes.

The up side is I could have completed the cleaning and the maintenance of the bike before it was stolen but I was lazy. It is out there without a chain tensioner and I hope with the chain so slack it locks up at high speed.

So this time out I think I will work smart.

I want you to suggest things please. I am out of the loop.

Here is what I do.

I ride 40 minutes each way to work at about 25 mph and I use my bile to do all my "driving" It is my car.

So it has to be able to go good.

I know of Jack-Shaft and I know it can be a problem from what people say.

The Idea would be a 4-stroke and even jack-shaft if it can be done right and will last.

I would be buying all new and can do a 2-stroke again so that is cool.

What do you suggest?

4-stroke what motor? What engine mount?
Jack-shaft the key here is the most dependable and easy to repair.

I ride long stretches in the country so I can be easy on it and speed would be best if keep it under 35 but to be able to gear down for a hill is very attractive if I have a 4-stroke.

So any suggestions on good but affordable frame, The engine if 4-stroke should last so which one?
To Jack-shaft or not?

I know I need heavy duty wheels and I will want disc breaks.

The first then is the power train.

Okay.. As you may guess I am still shaken to have my bike stolen from my yard in the middle of the day. I am taking steps to change that.

Thanks for you help. This is a Bike emergency.

P.S. We need some animation that shows a guy seeing his bike is stolen.
I hate thieves! I ride my bumblebeebolton to work everyday and the engine slides right off the bike in 2secs. I had someone steal my bike with out the engine on it. its ok though karma will get them back for me..I hope everything works out for ya..
-Friction Burn-
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Old 05-13-2013, 01:12 PM
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Default Re: Stolen Bike - Starting over

BBB's thought do seem to fit the crime.

I live in the poor section of my town on the downlow. I plan to return to junior college soon @52 and I simply find spending little for living expenses to be in line with paying for school so I will be staying where I am but I did get heavy chain that will take effort with hacksaw or something like that to cut through now.
If it was designed to upset me for some reason then it had the opposite effect.
I turned on my "neighbours" who have a lot of visitors day and night 7 days a week and said no more drug dealing. I then asked people who were coming and going if they were here to buy drugs and told them this place is now not cool and I am the biggest rat-snitch they ever have seen.

Normally I live and let live but when they take my "motorized bicycle" it's my car and my job they took so I have to draw the line and choose which side I am on.

So, perhaps things will be safe now.

I also told my Brother and he paid for a Motor Scooter for me. Having two rides is better than one.

I will fix the motorized bicycle as I can afford to. Get it ready for the next 6,000 miles. It had 6,000+ on it at the time of it's theft.

One thing is sure I love my motorized bicycle! I never knew such joy.

Sometimes when I rode to work the sun would be coming up, the morning air fresh and crisp, the ducks flying over in formation on their way to some lake, all added up to a wonderful moment as I listened to the engine run perfectly for the 40 minute ride.
A perfect 40 minute ride to work was always a joy.

It will ride again!


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