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Old 03-30-2013, 10:49 AM
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Default Re: Is a M-bike just a bike when on the sidewalk?

again, check local laws.

again, here in california...

pedal bikes are not allowed on any sidewalk or crosswalk unless you're walking it, or unless there's a sign telling you it's ok. this is usually on high traffic roads and bridges, where it's dangerous to ride with traffic.

bicycles must always ride on the right side, with traffic, and follow the same rules of the road as cars. left turns in turning lanes are legal, as long as it's safe. if it's not safe, you must walk it across in the crosswalk.

it's also legal to run a left turn light if it doesn't change for you, after waiting a reasonable amount of time. usually one full light cycle. i've never found the actual vehicle code that states this, but have been told by many cops it's ok.

now, with a motorized bike, you can never ride on any sidewalk with the motor running, even if there's a sign telling bicycles to ride on the sidewalk. you have to pedal it or stay in the road with traffic. common sense (again) should tell you what to do. if you're doing 20 on a tight road with cars doing 50, and the sign says "bicycles must use sidewalk" you might wanna shut down and pedal...

you can also pedal with the motor OFF on bike trails and the beach boardwalks. fire up the engine and you might as well get a motorcycle and run from the cops.

i'm pretty sure every state in the union doesn't allow motorized vehicles to use sidewalks and crosswalks, unless you're in a wheelchair or a rascal...
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