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Old 03-13-2013, 11:24 PM
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Default Re: fork with 1 1/8" steerer on an old school frame

Originally Posted by Don P View Post
dodge dude94 Hi 400cid cool B block bro. what cranck you got in there cast or forged?

if you need a forged crank i got a spair fresh turn .010 under mains .010 under rods.

shot peend magnafluxed. redy to race. its a 383 same a 400 just forged steel not cast.

same crank i got in my race truck it turns 7500 rpm one bad truck.

if you need it let me know

verry hard to find.

Don P
Whatever crank Dodge put in it in 75. lol

It's all stock, but it runs great. No mods for now, just fixing stuff and will do body work later.
Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
So the dude put a springer fork on a cruiser frame to make it "more MTB friendly"? Surely he realizes that, if he does not have enough simoleans to simply BUY a mountain bike, anything he cobbles together will be a disappointing substitute. And he doesn't seem to know much about springers either. That was just plain silly.
I'm pretty sure the guy in the other forum thread was starting out with that bike with the springer on it already. I think it came that way from when his dad used to ride it and put the regular suspension fork on it to make a trail bike out of it.
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