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Old 03-14-2013, 10:09 AM
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Default Re: New To The Hobby & Seeking Recommendations

Originally Posted by firepipe62 View Post
Ok so it seems the I will have to go with the two stroke kit after all. I didnt now that wider crank would be needed and my current crank has three front sprockets and I dont want to loose them to a single to accomodate the wider motor.
I think you will find that with a motor you won't have a need for the 3 gears up front. You can also go with the wide 3 piece as mentioned above. I am running a single speed coaster brake on my cruiser and just bought a shorter crank for it to fit under the engine. On another note, how is cape may this time of year? I was in boot camp there in '08. Are they still pushing coasties through?
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Old 03-14-2013, 06:53 PM
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Default Re: New To The Hobby & Seeking Recommendations

i have that 4 stroke flying horse kit from bikeberry.. please take my advice if you decide to purchase that one. the motor is really good. huasheng always = great engine. now my friend .. i had to change a bit of things from the kit because they were cheap chinese parts but dont get discouraged by that. most kits online need to have most of the parts replaced. the parts im talking about is

1. replace all hardware ie..bolts.. screws. nuts.. they will strip or break on you. im assuming 90% of kits online give you cheap hardware. so i had to replace all with stainless steel. which is fine. atleast you know they are great quality. if you stick with the stock hardware.. just keep in mind you will have to replace them very soon. quick fix. so its ok.

2. the 1st thing to give me trouble which you will find on most kits is that they give you a rag joint nasty sprocket set up. junk that and just save and buy a manech mechanic sprocket assembly. reason is.. its very hard to have a properly aligned chain with a nasty sprocket set up. some people can pull it off with the rag joint but you dont have to worry with chain slipping or misaligned sprocket with the sprocket assembly i mentioned. it stays put properly aligned all the time. my chain is smooth riding after that quick mod.

3. my transmission farted out quick. be in the market for a new one. out of all my personal research the best one i even purchase was a qmatic belt drive. you can buy one on its pricey but will last a life time. my second choice is the grubee 4g t belt drive. the price is significantly lower. but a new transmission is going to be a must.

4. motor mount. this might not be a really big issue but mine just cracked after about 6 months. so just buy a heavy duty one ... about $50. not bad not necessary but worth looking into.

this is my best advice and also what i experienced through trial and error. my goal is to have an extremely reliable ride that be trusted to go cross country if i wished. and this is the current set up that i have. so pretty much just a basic mod guideline/setup thing.....

but yeah if you plan on getting that kit.. keep these things in mind.. im sure everyone of us has experienced these issues.

other small things is make sure you have 12 gauge spokes.. high quality #415 chain.. i use #41 now. great breaks obviously. and a really great quality rubber for your tires. rear tire gets worn very fast with cheapo rubber.... get a speedometer. strong lock, i have a kryptonite and a battery operated alarm. a side mirror and a positive attitude.

i wish i could just make you a shopping list and have you just buy the engine and i'll hook u up with everything else you need to buy so you dont have to worry about all the cheap unnecessary parts. but 4 stroke is the way to go. i love mine. no mixing oil and gas and you dont stink too bad from exhaust.

sorry this was so long.. i just wish i had someone to tell me all this stuff when i 1st started building. pm me if you need anything cleared up from this rant. peace brother!!!!!
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Old 03-16-2013, 07:55 PM
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Default Re: New To The Hobby & Seeking Recommendations

motorized bicycle riding is like smoking crack...once you get started...

I don't know how close you live to a large city but check Craigslist for kit dealers in your area. There are only a couple factories now making the china motors from what I hear and all the motors are pretty much the same.

4 stroke seems to be the motor of choice now, twice the price but worth it. But I still love the look of the 2 stokes and if you treat them right they'll "love you long time".

Personally, I look for old motorcycles with Morini engines on them. Getting harder and harder to find but you can still buy new ones from Herdan. If you have the cash you can get 50cc Morini engines that put out 11.5 hp!!!

Or if your REALLY into speed and excitement go for the Harbor Freight Predator engines. But if you go with the this option I hope you have lots of metal working tools and welding experience.
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Old 03-17-2013, 06:21 AM
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Default Re: New To The Hobby & Seeking Recommendations

Got my black jet 66cc from Looks great and pretty easy to install. Not even 30 miles on it and flying at 30+ mph. This is a blacked out kit with no labels saying its a 60 or 49cc so wouldn't worry about a ticket. The staff at are very helpfull and can talk you through any bumps during your build.
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4 storke kit

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