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Old 02-24-2013, 06:38 PM
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Default M-bike clothing in the winter

Our (we, in comparatively warmer climes) brethren in Copenhagen (55°40′34″N) deal with icy winters on two wheels, and so can we. I mention that city because it's advanced in terms of accommodating bikes and it's far north. However, Copenhagen is hardly the worst in terms of latitude.
motorcycle stay warm
Anyway, the freezing water affects several aspects of m-bike transportation. My biggest problem is the lack of friction between the roller and tire (I have a friction drive). But the area of concern, which is mechanical only by a stretch, I want to address now is clothing.
Riding an m-bike (or even a non-m-bike) in a wet freezing-temperature winter makes special demands on clothing. It needs to be
  • warm,
  • safe from getting snagged,
  • protective if possible,
  • un-open to the wind,
  • water-resistant,
  • have a minimum of atmospheric drag,
  • have pockets,
  • and be adaptable to gloves, shoes (I don’t know. I only use regular “sports” shoes) and
  • be very visible.
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