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Old 10-29-2012, 02:38 AM
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Default Re: New China bike just built! 700c Thruster walmart

Originally Posted by fatdaddy View Post
I've been into it a few years more then you, but this it the first bike I built from brand new,(Wallmart Cranbrook,) and put EVERYTHING I could into it. It'll get there one day. I have a friend with a LARGE supply of used parts and another friend with a LBS. It's just a matter of time and money. I still think ya got a cool bike. I'll post a pic of mine later. I did more stuff to it and want to post an updated picture.
That's what my bike started as, a Cranbrook. I will give you a quick rundown of where all the parts I replaced came from. My bottom bracket, crankset, and handlebars are off of a Roadmaster 24" mountain bike I picked up at a yard sale for $4. My pedals are from a bike I found at a scrapyard, which didnt cost me anything. My shock forks are from another Roadmaster mountain bike I found in a dumpster. They were a little loose when I put them on my bike, recently I adjusted them to take some of the slop out. My stem is from an old Schwinn road bike I found at the park. My front wheel is a Worksman with drum that I got at the East Coast rally in August for $35. My seat is a Worksman seat, 13"W, which I picked up on eBay for $35 with free shipping. My rear wheel, which you already know the specifics of, I picked up on eBay for $45 I think. Unfortunately, the store I bought the wheel from is now out of business ( Southern Cali Customs). My luggage rack I picked up at WallyWorld for $15 or something like that. So I have literally replaced every single non-motorized component of this bicycle, and its taken me two years to do so. Of course, that's on an almost non-existent budget. If I had the money to go out and buy these parts, I could have probably had them all in a week or less. But I think I appreciate my bike more this way. There is no way I will ever get rid of this bike or sell any of my parts.
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Old 12-18-2015, 08:02 PM
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Default Re: New China bike just built! 700c Thruster walmart

Originally Posted by 2stroker View Post
How did you do that. hit a curb or it just folded? hope your ok!
Hahahahahahahahahahaha I was scrolling on builds based of Google, and how the **** you fold that tire like thatxD like a chair my friend like a chair!
It's NOT what you Can't DO Its About What YOU Can build.
-Harley and Davison.
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