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Old 10-09-2012, 03:16 PM
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Default Re: The time has come! Share your knowledge!

I'll weigh in again with agreement to what the PARacer said...

although many motorized bicycle riders use the sole coaster brake their beach cruiser was equipped with, IMO, it is quite a bit less than safe.

Coaster brakes can fade, or lock up. They are also totally reliant upon the chain.

The experience upon a motorized bicycle is similar to going downhill, on a pedal bicycle, all the time. All well and good, great fun, yet we have NO control over other people sharing the road with us, especially in traffic.
The best braking system we can get is far more important to us, than them!

If I DID run a coaster brake on the rear I would use a disk brake on the front.

Also, most beach cruisers don't have front suspension, because they are meant for slow, boardwalk pedaling...
As your speed increases, the value of at least front suspension becomes obvious. As with a plush seat! lol

Fun stuff!

BTW, what Dan did NOT say... :-) ... is that 4 cycle motors are much more reliable than the 2 stroke kit motors.

My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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Old 10-09-2012, 08:17 PM
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Default Re: The time has come! Share your knowledge!

I bought a Sturmey Archer brake hub wheel a couple of years ago, and it was well worth the 100 bucks !
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Old 10-09-2012, 08:42 PM
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Default Re: The time has come! Share your knowledge!

A cruiser frame is great- I prefer the lighter newer ones, but some have claimed they've broken- Had two builds over three years and no frame failures-

If you get a newer one with oversized tubes- I personally would hope to get a newer "big mount" motor- boygofast on ebay has- but you have to be certain- he still sells older small mount motors- you can ask him to be sure.

I always use freewheels with handbrakes here- a cruiser built for multi-gear usually has cantilever brakes, which work fine with 26 wheels, and you can go with lighter and better rolling narrower tires- the less knobby the smoother roll and less vibration under speed.

That should get you started-

as an old bike person, I try to get the bike as near a great bike as possible- so I use 700c wheels- The limited power of the motor has less to overcome. This may cause a need to chuck cantilever for caliper brakes- but not a big deal- a matched set will usually not work though then- a smaller reach is needed on the fork than the rear triangle. Get a dual brake lever if you run two handbrakes- makes riding much safer- for about $15.

A good many people change to a smaller motor sprock- less revs cruising and more top end. 36 is good, 34 is too, if you aren't real heavy and climbing a lot.

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Old 10-15-2012, 09:19 AM
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Default Re: The time has come! Share your knowledge!

word of advice from an avid winter rider and one of those crazies who ride in the rain, make sure you use RTV or some other type of good water proof silicone sealer to water proof your magneto, believe me. nothing sucks worse than cruising along at 25 and losing all power then having to bike home in the rain because you just shorted out your mag.
that effin moon kid

LabRat that golden pos ya got with the homescooled monarks

coated pistons
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