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Old 09-04-2012, 12:32 AM
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Default Oh Herro Prease!

Greetings fellow motorized bicycle enthusiasts.

Ive been building and riding motorized bicycles for a year or so now, and have been off and on this forum looking for answers and checking things out. Its time to become a member. I originally needed a way to get around because i sure wasnt walking everywhere after i blew a buncha stuff in the transmission of my Supra and lost my license. So after getting my first bike, saving money on gas and being able to get a decent job within reasonable distance from the house, I started working on my car again. rebuilt the transmission, and aquired all the parts i need to get my car back in action since last Nov when i put it down(LONG STORY). But the engine i built in my supra has been dynoed at 419HP; in the meantime, I Just hit 800 miles on my second bike.

BTW... This is my daily driver....Rain, Sleet, Inclement weather is no matter. I tear the roads up everyday on my bike. Been caught in Hurricanes and torrential downpours and still driven through it.

Unfortunately i didnt know the differences in quality engines when i bought this kit bout 6 months back from "Chinabay"( my term for ebay) and have paid for it. Rebuilt the SOAB twice already and then soldered and redrilled the carb jet WAY to lean and went on a very long trip which in the middle, the engine got soo hot that it shut off as it was smoking, fried all the gaskets in the engine, scored the cylinder walls pretty good, a few gashes in the piston, the rings were marred up pretty good, and the wristpin on the piston was oblonged from the needle bearing. Ive been broke inbetween settling into a new job and paying for more important bills, so i took the not spend any money route... i honed the cylinder, scuffed up the rings and flipped em, cleaned up the piston as best i could and made all new gaskets and reassembled the engine. Needless to say, I learned real quick on how to properly work on and maintain my bike( at least for the next engines sake) happy to say, here we are 200 miles later and its still running like a bat outta ****. Besides lower compression on startup till the engine warms up, its still running very strong. I sit between 33 and 38mph depending on the wind direction and even faster when i can draft behind large vehicles.

I have the 66cc generic i dont even know the manufacturer engine with the SBP HD shiftkit on my 8 speed shogun frame mountain bike. Im a welder and fabricator, welded up my own fenders, fabricated some things to make the Shift kit fit properly, and purposely bought the shogun bike frame because i could MIG weld things to it.

I got my license back 3 months ago and still am procrastinating on getting my car back on the road. For i will forever now have a motorized bike and a plethora of 2 wheel transportation till the day i die. I love my bike and all the attention it draws me. I think its hilarious seeing people Baffled that im keeping up with them in traffic on a mountain bike, They slow down and stare, or i cant go anywhere without someone inquiring about my bike. i had to print up business cards and have thus ordered and built bikes for numerous other people.

Anywho, im glad to be a part of the forums.
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Old 09-04-2012, 12:38 AM
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Smile Re: Oh Herro Prease!

Welcome to MeniacleMechanic, glad you joined us.

I've been riding for 8-9 years now and still get stopped, flagged down, not as much as I used to but it still happens.
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Old 09-04-2012, 12:55 AM
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Location: Virginia Beach Virginia
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Default Re: Oh Herro Prease!

Thanks Dave

Yea, sometimes they pull off and slow down just so they can see. So awesome with my MotoX helmet and Aviators. I'm always Bookin through the backroads tho. Main Roads are Sketchy when the wind is blowing the wrong way and you cant get up to speed. I usually try and keep as much momentum moving forward as i can.

I took a nasty spill 3 weeks ago and slid out taking a turn at like 38 and slid about 40 feet messing up my arm. Needless to say NOT that much momentum.....

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