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Old 08-26-2012, 04:08 PM
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Default Keeping your Motor Assisted Bicycle clean

Today someone remarked that my bike looked brand new even though it is a year and a half old with thousands of miles and a few dings, scratches and peeling stickers.

This lead to us talking about cleaning our motorized bicycles and the best method and how often.

There is one big reason why I clean my bike and do it often that to me is more important then my bike "looking good".

When I clean my bike I do it with a rag. Either I use some kind of spray cleaner or just some dish soap in a bucket using a soaked rag.

I wash the entire bike including motor,frame,wheels just with a rag. I use a second rag for the real oily parts around the exhaust on the motor,chain and sprockets. That way I have a cleaner rag for the frame,tank and wheels and stuff without spreading more oil.

For the chains and sprockets I use a combination of a rag and brush. If I have any degreaser I will use it, if not then some warm dish soap. Occasionally I will use gasoline if its real bad and dish soap will not work. And I always be sure to lube it afterwards.

The main reason I choose this method is because I will touch and see every square inch of my bike. Giving me the opportunity to see and inspect any problems that needs to be addressed. Cleaning my bike to me is part of my maintenance routine. I don't go into great trouble or detail when cleaning it. Just enough so that it is a good inspection of every part on the bike.

So the main reason I clean my bike at least once a week is because its a good way to inspect it. Other wise it would be all oily,muddy, and dusty...
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Old 08-26-2012, 04:46 PM
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Default Re: Keeping your Motor Assisted Bicycle clean

i use carb cleaner and a nylon bristle brush when i go to a show, but other than that, i treat it like the boardy tribute it is, oil seepage and all. its not leaking, its just claiming that spot of pavement as its own. other that than i clean and lube my chain once a month. and clean the air filter twice a month when i change my oil.
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