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Old 08-02-2012, 09:26 PM
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Hey Rusty,

Not sure we have had the same issues but I'm from MI as well so I'm dealing with the same weather (for the most part). The first time my engine was up and running I had a lot of spatter out the front of the engine. The mount and down tube were wet with fuel. I should say this was the second time I had the engine on the bike. First time it wouldn't start at all. Broken rings and the area where the head and cylinder met was shaped like a potato chip. I had the cylinder decked but it sputtered fuel and bogged on modest hills despite my 44t sprocket. I had bought the engine on CL thinking I'd save a few bucks. So then, I've replaced the cylinder with one purchased from BGF, rings also from BGF. Replaced the CNS carb with a NT carb and also the cable, and a new NGK plug all from DAX. Also bought a plenum on eBay from Turret Tooling (mostly for the low end performance). Now the only leak I need to seal up is the pipes on my SBP expansion chamber.

All in all the engine has been apart at least three times and the sputtering is nearly gone. The four stroking is getting to be less and less as the new parts run in. I took a shotgun approach to solving my problem. perhaps a $20 - $30 carb would do it instead of an entire engine for you.

Something else to consider - a 9 hp motorized bicycle is a motorcycle in MI, not a Moped.
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Old 08-03-2012, 03:55 AM
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Default Re: Wanting a new motor

ya Harold . I wouldn't mind having to register and insure it if I chose to go that route . I'm not ready to give up on this motor quite yet . I'm sure I'll get it up and purring like it should sooner or later . I had a guy yesterday offer me $650 cash on the spot for the bike the way it sits and I maybe should have sold it but I'm just to attached to it already . What can I say , Its been a pain in my backside but I love the thing and I love riding it . I'm ordering a new head and carb for it in hopes that it will take care of the problem . If I do get it running right its going to put me in a bit of a dilemma though . I'm going to miss all the tinkering and wont have anything to keep my mind occupied ! lol . I may have to do another one . I'm an addict already ! GOD HELP ME !
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Old 08-03-2012, 05:24 AM
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Default Re: Wanting a new motor

As long as you talking bout replacing the carb... I'd look into the carb dax sells on page 1 I think. Its the one with the shark air cleaner for like 30 bucks. I bought that carb and it solved all my four stroking issues and greatly improved my engines ability to breathe. You will have to buy the throttle cable for it and I had to swap out the 65 jet for the 70 but wasn't a big deal as the carb comes with 65, 70, and 80 jets. 65 it ran ok, 70 bike screams, 80 its a turd (wouldn't go over 10 mph). \m/ >.< \m/
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Old 08-03-2012, 08:33 AM
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Default Re: Wanting a new motor

When my carb cracked, I had to order a new one, and the new ones *seemed* like the jet couldn't be replaced. Well, I tried drilling the jet that was in it, but when that didn't work, I double checked, and it turned out that the jet *did* unscrew from the emulsion tube. It didn't have any indicating marks and it looked like it was a single-piece, but it did unscrew.
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