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Old 07-10-2012, 01:49 PM
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Default It a feel good ride

Ok. So the only complaint for that i have was a missing lock nut for the extra uni mounting kit for 15 bucks. I didnt even use it. Lol
Now today i was riding and some older fella stopped me. Asked about my bike left and right. So i was explaining how i did it how long it tookand how much. He then asked ifhe purchased a kit and supplied the bike wouldi make him one. I have felt great ever since i told him yes. And i told him togo to gas as i have been onmy motor with no new parts for about a hundred plus miles now with no problem that doesnt come with the yurf. (Get out what ya put in) . And i have only ran into one other guy in buffalo so far that has a predator on a nice custom made huffy frame. He even let me take it around the lot and i tell you it was fantastic. I go back to work today and the guys aregonna go nuts...sorry this thing is just so fun and exilirating. And i pissed my friend off when i told him i only use 2 bucks for gas evrry two weeks. Thats at $3.86 a gallon. Imho everyone should have two of these. One for work and one for play. Lol.
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