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Old 06-16-2012, 02:53 PM
jmwapp jmwapp is offline
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Default First motorized bicycle project in Central Michigan

Hi all, I am new to the motorized bicycle world and received my first project from a friend of mine. It is a Dax 47cc? motor mounted on just a standard Huffy 18-speed mountain bike. So far so good, I received the bike with the motor fully mounted, but the engine was DOA. After figuring out which spark plug was the proper replacement ("Z4C" = NGK "B6HS") from this amazing forum, the engine fired right up. The next step was realizing there was just too much slack in the chain and after trying to remove a link in the stock "145"? chain, it was to short and there was no place that I could find with half links for it. I also looked up that issue on the forum and found a workable match at Tractor Supply Co. The #41 roller chain. So now that the bicycle is in working order, there are still a few adjustments I want to make. The chain is still slightly loose and I have a "fly-wheel" rubber pulley (NOT SHOWN IN PICS) that is providing just barely the right amount of tension which I would desperately like to eliminate entirely. I also am trying to determine what sort of headlight I can get for the bike using the third white wire that is provided to power the headlight using the engine. I also have a bucketload of other questions but I will focus on these two for now, and any insight into this project would be greatly appreciated! Below is a link to some pictures of the bike. Thanks for reading!

Michigan, USA
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Old 06-17-2012, 09:29 AM
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Smile Re: First motorized bicycle project in Central Michigan

Hello jmwapp, welcome to
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Old 06-22-2012, 02:50 AM
Rusty1 Rusty1 is offline
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Default Re: First motorized bicycle project in Central Michigan

Hi . Just a word of advise . I'm from Port Huron Mi. Your bike is going to have to be registered with the secretary of state as an assembled moped , It took getting a ticket for me to find this out . You'll need front and rear brakes , Head light , running and brake light and a horn . And oh ya ! If its over 50cc it has to be registered as a motorcycle and insured and plated . This state one of the few from what I gather that makes you jump through hoops to ride your bike on the road legally
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