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Old 05-31-2012, 12:59 PM
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Unhappy Me vs. Magneto: Episode 1

In the last month, my bike had been running well. Exceptionally well. It idled consistently, accelerated quickly, and was just running smooth in general.

Until I noticed a spray of oil on the exhaust.

At first, it was only a smattering. Eventually, it was enough to coat the entire exhaust pipe.

After reading several threads, I decided to open the magneto case cover. EVERYTHING was soaked in oil and gas.

Thank you 2Door, by the way, for the helpful trick using the faucet puller to remove the magnet rotor. It worked like a charm.

The old seal had been chawed up some in the back, and was leaking oil and fuel which was spraying from the wiring hole in the front of the case. And had begun to rob me of power.

Since the new seal was at least a week away, I decided to go buy a reasonable facsimile from a local motorcycle shop. I needed a "17x29x38". All they had was "14x29x5". Close enough, right?

I installed it, put everything back in place (including the woodruff key) and took off. It ran great.

For about 3 minutes. Then it began surging and idling like crazy. I had to cut off the gas and choke it out to stop it at one point.

So I removed the new seal to find this:

The shaft completely destroyed the inside ring. Apparently, the slight difference was just tight enough to rip this thing apart.

Magneto 1. X-Men 0.

Stay tuned for Episode 2: A New Seal.

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