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Old 04-11-2012, 10:29 PM
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Default Re: New and have questions?

I am new to this site but I've looked through a few threads here as well as watched some YouTube videos on Whizzer's, Chinese bikes, etc. I haven't spent much of my time working on cars, bikes, etc. but I am intelligent and I am willing to invest my time and energy on learning how to build a dependable means of alternative transportation. I love the idea of riding a motorized bicycle but I need some good advice and to do more research on my own before I spend what little money I have on building a motorized bike to ensure that it will ultimately meet my needs.

I am also considering buying the Ezip Trailz Men's Electric Bike as a benchmark against building my own motorized bicycle. For starters, an electric bike is not a legal grey area. I will not need to worry about getting 'pulled over.' Additionally, $600-700 is a good baseline price I can afford to work with (Ezip and an additional battery). Lastly, I don't need to learn how to do anything new... I just need to peddle more!

Some background information about me and my needs... I lost my driver's license and I want to use a motorized bicycle (or Ezip Trailz) to independently get around my area. Winter is over and I want to commute to work instead of hitching a ride, visit friends, etc. In light of my inability to drive a car legally, I am somewhat concerned about the legality of riding a motorized bicycle in plain view of police. If my motorized bicycle constantly needs maintenance or I'm getting fined for riding it, then I'm better served with the Ezip.

Here is a basic list of what I think I need to do:
1. Buy a bicycle from Walmart or
2. Buy a 4 stroke engine and a mounting kit with a rear mounting drive train
3. Install

So, if you have any experience dealing with using a motorized bicycle for alternative transportation, please tell me your thoughts. Any suggestions for a novice will be appreciated. Is this a reasonable plan?
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