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Old 02-17-2012, 12:47 PM
Smallwheels Smallwheels is offline
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Smile Titan XC 35 Who Owns One?

Hello folks. It's been a while since I posted anything here. I've been using my motorized bicycles since 2007. I don't own a car. My Tanaka PF 3300 is on its last legs. It runs as fast as ever but it's leaking oil. The air cleaner was broken off while pull starting it. My glove caught the cover as I tugged the pull start line. It is held on by wire.

I started with the Golden Eagle kit. It worked fine until spokes started breaking all the time. That got expensive. Then their super thick mount just cracked which made the kit useless.

I switched to the Staton-Inc friction drive. It wore out in six months. The bearings and the actual roller just weren't up to the task for a daily rider. The aluminum stays were eaten up by the horizontal bolt that they attached to at the top of the mount. That bolt eventually broke. I also didn't like it not working well in snow or rain. No matter how much pressure was on the tire it wouldn't work on wet days.

Friction drive also destroys the inside of the tires. I didn't ever see anybody reporting that. The bend in the tire caused by the roller would cause the inner threads to come apart. That got expensive too.

Now I'm using my same old motor with the That's Dax rear rack mount chain drive kit. So far it does OK. No problems with snow or rain. It just slips down the stays because of the torque, thus causing the chain to go slack. Grady has a fix for it. I came up with my own fix too.

As you can see I rely on my motorized bicycle the way most of you rely on cars. I do this in Montana all year long too.

Who owns a Titan XC 35? I would like to know of your experience with it such as; miles per gallon with a twenty-six inch wheel, top speed, reliability, oil usage, power for your terrain, and anything else you have experienced with it.

Comments about other four-stroke motors with the same or similar displacement are welcome too. That would give me an idea of what to expect for a motor that size.

I weigh about 150 pounds with all of my winter clothing on plus I carry around about ten pounds of cargo at all times. So your body weight might affect the speed and mpg you get. Let me know of your experiences. I want to buy the best motor I can in the small size.

Thank you for your input.

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Old 02-17-2012, 04:53 PM
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Default Re: Titan XC 35 Who Owns One?

its a clone of the honda gx35 and pretty gutless your going to have to pedal to help it along
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Old 02-17-2012, 06:01 PM
happyvalley happyvalley is offline
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Default Re: Titan XC 35 Who Owns One?

Seem like you're pretty okay with that size engine already. So am I, it's more than enough if the set-up is right, up to the task and well within the legal. No experience with the titan copy but the Honda GX35 and Robin EHO35 are smooth, reliable 4 strokes. I have over 600 hours on a Robin and its only gotten better.

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Old 02-17-2012, 06:37 PM
Smallwheels Smallwheels is offline
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Default Re: Titan XC 35 Who Owns One?

The Tanaka PF 3300 is a 32.4 cc 1.6 hp motor. I don't mind the noise much. What I don't like about the two-stroke is I can't keep it in my apartment. Due to the fuel being blasted into the air cleaner (the nature of two stroke motors) it stinks.

I'll go with another two-stroke if I must, because of lack of money. I'd prefer a four-stroke motor.

On the That's Dax web site it says the Titan XC35 has a 9500 rpm range. That is 1000 higher than some of the two-strokes they sell. I was wondering if it had a limiter or if I'd need to not run it wide open as I do with my Tanaka.

Montana has a 50 cc motor size limit and a top speed limit of 30 mph for motorized bicycles. I'm well within that range. My top speed is about 20+ on level ground. Going 45 mph would be fun but I don't need that much speed.

I do pedal during starts and going up overpasses. Sometimes I must pedal into strong headwinds. I don't mind. I need the exercise.

A four stroke motor would be cheaper to operate because I wouldn't need to be buying two-stroke oil. Saving the messiness during refueling would be a bonus. Usually I buy a gallon and a half of gasoline every nine days of riding. I keep it at home and refuel every day. It is my hope that the four-stroke motor will get better mileage too.
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Old 02-18-2012, 08:33 AM
bandito bandito is offline
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Default Re: Titan XC 35 Who Owns One?

Small sorry the tanaka was sold but the guy had cash on the spot. Consider the titan/hs 49cc its a great motor and has more power and speed then the 35cc motors. Remember some sites the h/s doesn't come with a clutch/tank. If you look on this forum or another a guy has a staton fd/subaru kit for like $200 and thats a bargain.
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