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Old 10-31-2011, 02:51 PM
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Default New from everett,Wasington

Hi,52 year old "kid" and i just got my first kit from,220 bucks to my door.GET READY FOLKS.This could get long winded,I have alot to say.First off this website is "Killin" me,every since i signed on to it i have spent 4,5,6, hours a day before and after work just reading different posts on your experiences and troubles, solutions,new products.God i even dream of this stuff.So i got my kit on 10-6 and i vowed to "take my time on it".First thing i did was spocket install,my wheel hub made that alot easier than antisipated and it's very "true".Then i mounted the engine "fits perfect in my mountanbike.So after day one,i am feeling real good about this.Thing are moving right along with cables "brakes throttle clutch killswitch,mounting carb,and exsaust.The tank i knew i was going to have to custom mount cause my derailure and brake cables run along the top of the bar,trips to local hardware store for electrical"conduint clamps" provided that clearence needed to mount the tank,Moving quite nicley i think.Chain was a bit of a glich but not much,a trip to harbor freight tools for a heavyduty chain breaker,"11 bucks",minus 4 links later and the chain was on,"no tentioner YET".So i am petty much together after two weeks,time for a ride as a mountain bike"clutch in"to see how it shakesout.,,,O.K.the ride was good,al things in working order but the chain was a little loose so i thought if i take {one more link out} it will be perfect,OOPS,made it too short,back in,Tensioner on.Now i am ready for my gas, mixed it up got it in.MY FIRST RUN YEA.Round the block.Tinkering with carb want to be right,a problem developes right away,AIR bubbling up from carb.I just don't know enough about this stuff.Air leak somwhere so zip tie all lines at their joining,take the carb off try to see if problem is the float bowl,no luck,still there.So i geton this site and your talking about a cns carb or a nt carb and i still don't know what i have but i know that i don't like what i have.Then after a few hours of reading threads and posts i run across {rt carb from thatsdax} copy and paste google,30 BUCKS rave reveiws from you guys I am all over that,Waiting for it to arive.In the mean time i have made some gakets from material i picked up at the local o'rileys store for head, clutch,magnito cover and exaust.Still tweaking things.O.K i am glad to be apart of this comunity of M.B.enthusiasts.Kevin

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Old 10-31-2011, 04:05 PM
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Default Re: New from everett,Wasington

Welcome to the site. I see your in Everett, im in Port Angeles. your kinda late getting the bike together , the crappy weather is almost upon us. It took me all summer to get my bike dialed in and running awsome and all the kinks out STUPID WEATHER.
Anyway, i hope all goes well for you.

p.s. if you post a pic of your carb it will get an ID for you
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