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Old 10-16-2011, 06:49 AM
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Smile Time-sert thread repair is A+

I recently had to tear down my motor, i had some casting flash break loose from the cylinder head and destroy my piston and rings. after replacing everything i went to retoque the head. at 12ft pounds ,fine, at 14 pounds , 2 of the head studs had lost torque. s*** so i took it apart again and what had happen was the bolts pulled the threads out. so i went on amazon looking for a thread repair solution. what i ran across was a time-sert insert repair. they have them for our 8mm andd 6mm sizes. after watching the how to video i decided to order the 8x1.25 set. it is kinda of expensive at around $52.00 but i did not see any other real choice.
well the kit came and i was really impressed of the quality of drill bit ,the tap, the counter bore and the piece that inserts the insert .it comes with 5 inserts which you can buy more for around i think 1.50 each. it was so easy to use i was amazed. maby 5 min a hole. once again this kit is impressive, it totally saved my motor !!!!
since our motors only have 2 sizes the $100 dollor investment for both kits would be money well spent consindering the aggravation of stripped hole in this cheap metal they make the motors out of. really 5 minutes and your done with a premenent quality repair.
I know im not the only one out there that has had this sort of problem. so go to amazon and check out the time-serts AA+++++ for thread repair

that me before

this is me after
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