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Introduce Yourself Meet & greet your fellow motorized bicyclists, make introductions and even find others in your area.

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Old 08-07-2011, 05:30 PM
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Default Hey all

Hey everybody,

Just want to introduce myself and throw out a few noob questions.

I'll start with a brief history,

I'm a strong mountain biker and love the idea of putting a motor on my bike. I know how to drive a dirtbike and motorcycle

I want to use it to ride into work in the mornings and also have some fun with offroad (nothing too crazy)

I have spent the last few days researching these and have come up with a few questions,

1. It seems to me that the Dax motor kit is the best suited for what I want but why is it so much cheaper yet hailed as the better motor? Their website says it's like 160 bucks or something

2. I live near Toronto, I realize that I will not be able to legally ride this bike, so if I'm going to get a motor does it not make sense to just get the 80cc one? I mean if it's illegal no matter what I do then might as well get the good one.

3. I have a bike, it's nice, but it's getting a bit old and isn't really "motor worthy" I'm willing to spend in the 4-600 range for a bike. So far I have been looking for good rims/tires, strong brakes (I'm thinking good vbrakes rather than cheap disks? Correct me if I'm wrong here...) can anybody recommend something that is a good match for my needs?

And that's it,

Thanks in advance
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Old 08-08-2011, 03:31 PM
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Default Re: Hey all

Howdy Vice, welcome.

I would read around the specific sections for each question. Will give ya larger cross section of thoughts on each.

LOL, I know, passing the buck here.
worst apocalypse ever
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