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Old 08-06-2011, 12:03 AM
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Default Engine heat.

I have a question about engine heat. how hot does your engine get? I know that's a question that can have much range but my engine seems to get hot pretty quickly is that a bad sign? or is that just completely normal
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Old 08-06-2011, 06:15 AM
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Default Re: Engine heat.

These engines do get pretty hot. I remember reading that a sign of overheating is when the engine starts to cut out on power during operation. Not sure exactly how it feels, because I haven't experienced a loss of power or overheating myself, but I'm sure someone will pitch in on that in a few.

With my bike, it ran hotter than usual after going to the leanest notch on my carb needle, though that's normal. What I didn't like was that I couldn't even touch any part of the engine else I'd burn myself. When I changed my oil to Opti-2 and ran it at 100:1, the engine ran cool enough where if my leg brushed against the mag cover or gear cover, I wouldn't burn myself. It runs cool enough where I can keep a hand to the mag or gear cover during or after use and not burn myself.

Why this with a leaner fuel to oil ratio, when oil is suppose to make it run cooler, I don't know...
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