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Old 08-23-2008, 09:07 AM
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Default Custom Length Throttle cable???

Is there any demand for a custom length throttle cable?

Just have had a few people ask if we supply them over the last month, kinda said it's not in our business model/plan (whatever that is )....OTOH now that we have good contacts, know how to work 25 hours in a 24 hour day, have a real everything except fart pills for the shop dog, why not?

3ft to just shy of 6ft in 1" increments....nice teflon cable in a nice housing.....low price. Any demand?
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Old 08-23-2008, 01:40 PM
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Default Re: Custom Length Throttle cable???

I just had to buy a throttle cable for mine. but it was strictly due to the throttle I am using, the threads were different between the HT throttle and it.

Mabye if you paired the cable with a nice billet throttle and sold that as a kit?

I dont know if such tiny increments would be reuired for the normal HT, mabye 6" increments? I do know that those using riser bars and whatnot or those with stretch bikes need longer throttle cables.

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Old 08-23-2008, 01:47 PM
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Default Re: Custom Length Throttle cable???

I can crank out any length of cable throttle or brake or shifter so far no demand. I have the molds to make the ends all I need to do is purchase the cable but no one's been interested so I never bought any cable. so I don't know if it would be worth it.
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