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Old 05-09-2011, 11:17 PM
jasnjules jasnjules is offline
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Default Just starting.

Hi Everyone,
My name is Jason. I live in northwest IL. A few weeks ago I was walking with my family when I heard faint buzzing noise. It got louder and it faintly looked like a bicycle. Sure enough, he zoomed by and I suddenly wanted to know more. I started searching on the internet and was happy to find motors for bikes. They guy I saw went by fast enough that I couldn't tell if it was a newer bike or an motorized antique. I didn't really know what I saw.

Last week I was at the store and I saw him riding through the parking lot. I yelled, he looked and I begged him to come over. He did, we had a great conversation and I knew that I wanted to get a motorized bicycle.

I've ridden a 1000 cc motorcycle for years, but now want to have a bit of fun on something different. I'm not a speed freak and just want something to putts around in. My town is only 6,000 people and I live on the edge of town so traffic free rural backroads are everywhere.

I'm finding this forum very informative. I figure I'll get as informed as I can so that I have the best chance of doing it right the first time.

Thanks for all of your posts and I look forward to learning a lot from you. I don't even have a bike that will work so my hunt begins.

I like the old style look with the handlebars bend down, the seat low set etc but I'm considering any good bike/setup.

I'm looking to

1) find a decent bike frame that has strong rims/spokes to handle the torque. I would like to get an old bike or a newer beach cruiser.

2) get info about companies that sell kits so that I get the best chance of getting the best kit for the money. (with four young kids I don't have a lot of spare cash so I'm looking to build on the cheap)

3) find any tips and details that will help me learn more.

4) make friends with quality people.

I work for a small gear shop so I'm also looking for ideas for modifications that I can do myself etc.

All the best.

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Old 05-10-2011, 07:44 AM
jerrydellg's Avatar
jerrydellg jerrydellg is offline
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Default Re: Just starting.

I siWhat's up Jason. I just started all this myself. About two weeks ago. This site has been really helpful. A little all-over-the place but the search engine they have can get you pretty specific answers. I was originally going to start my first build on a huffy cranbrook beach cruiser. It was suggested that I might want more braking power than the stock coaster brake. So instead of going through the hassle or expense of adding "v" brakes or disc brakes I simply traded up. I stayed with the cruiser style but went with a hybrid that came with hand brakes and 7 gears (schwinn clairmont). Didn't need or want the gears but I don't think they make a single gear beach cruiser with hand brakes. The best information I collected seems to be that you can mount one of these engine kits on about any bike depending on how much modification you're willing to do. They are intended to strap straight to the "diamond" type bike frame. Installing on my beach cruiser frame, for instance, which has on oversized, curved downtube requires a larger universal mounting bracket. No welding or anything fancy that I'm aware of. I'm still waiting on my engine kit from bike berry. I'll post more as the project progresses.
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Old 05-10-2011, 08:52 AM
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Default Re: Just starting.

Welcome to the forum. You've made a good decision to join and have access to the vast amount of knowledge available here. There are literally years of experience to draw from and all of your questions will find answers from that experience.

Just a warning: Motorized bicycles are like potato chips; you'll never be satisfied with just one.
Have fun, ride safe.
Age and Treachery Will Always Triumph
Over Youth and Skill & "Charlie Don't Ride"
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Old 05-10-2011, 09:26 AM
jasnjules jasnjules is offline
Motorized Bicycle Newbie
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Location: Geneseo, IL
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Default Re: Just starting.

Thanks Jerry and Tom. I'll keep reading through the forums. I look forward to hearing of your progress Jerry.
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