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Old 02-11-2008, 05:27 AM
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Default back to winter

well back from 2 weeks in hawaii. when i left hawaii the temp was 80 got home to 2 degrees and a blizzard lol. 3 hour drive from chicago to home took over 7 hours. i would say good to be home but its not . any way this week i will be starting a new section and putting in classic posts like normans pictorials and tips ect. that section will be closed to posting and just for reading building, repair and performance posts. i will be editing the posts a little for content so just what is needed is thier and it can be used by all for a quick reference without having to do a search. please do not feel offended if your posts on the original thread are not moved to the classic area. i am trying to keep the threads as small as posible in thier and your post will still be on the original thread. if you see posts that you feel should be in this section pm me with a link so i can add. will probably take most of the week for me to finish. i would really apreciate your coments on this. good idea or bad idea. i will have links at the end of each section to the original post for people to ask questions and make coments.
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